Parrot Games

Games That You Can Play With Your Parrot

There are so many games that are great for parrots, and these games can even be viewed as tricks. These are great games for parrots of all sizes and breeds from budgies/parakeets to macaws

Firstly, I highly recommend giving your parrot different types of toys. Not only are they fun but they provide the much needed mental stimulation that can prevent potential feather plucking. Of course, be sure with their toys that they are safe for birds, and the correct size for your bird.

Parrots are like children. Parrots love to play games and they enjoy learning games. Simple games, like Peek-A-Boo are great games for your parrot to learn. Some birds will actually start this game off by hiding behind a toy and looking out at you. They may even call to you, and when you see them, you say “Peek-A-Boo”, much like a baby, as parrots have the mentality of up to a 5 year old child.

Other games that any parrot can learn to play, and most love to play is to match shapes. This can be taught with a wooden puzzle type of toy. They can match up shapes and colors with this game. Toys like this can be made from bird-safe wood, and can be treated and colored with natural fruit juice.

Talking and whistling games are also fun for birds. You can teach them to whistle (parrots LOVE to whistle) your favorite tune, and if they are really into the tune, they may even repeat some of the words.

Another parrot game that is enjoyable to both, the parrot and the owner is to play fetch. Birds sometimes love to chase after things, and to please their owners they will bring these items back. They may even reverse this by taking a toy somewhere and dropping it so that you have to go and get it.

Parrots also like to play "Hide And Go Seek", with the parrot being the one hiding. If you do play this game with your parrot, however, be sure that you do not hide so well that your bird can not find you easily, and do not hide for more than a minute. Any longer will only frustrate your parrot and he will no longer enjoy the game.

Please use caution with any of the games that you play with your parrot. They can easily get hurt, and they can get frustrated easily with any of the games, making it unenjoyable for either of you to play.

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8 years ago

cool can u tell me wat games budgies like though?

Tabitha 8 years ago

fetch....Budgies like fetch and peek a boo

momonline 8 years ago

Some really neat ideas. Readers may also be interested in my hub on parrots

momonline 8 years ago

Some really neat ideas. Readers may also be interested in my hub on parrots

fdrr 7 years ago


pakistan 7 years ago

guys tell me where is the game?

Kingston 6 years ago

nice name

King9999 6 years ago

Nice name

PolPl 6 years ago


lorito 6 years ago

My little Quaker parrot is very playful but blind. Any suggestions for him?

He likes ripping up paper and ringing his bell - when he can find it. :(

adhley 6 years ago

hate this game

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