I wanted someone to join me in the roof of

A tall building,

A clear navyblue sky above, stars shining,

Show me the constellations one-by-one...

Down below,cars whizzing past,

Tail lamps glowing in the distance...

I wanted someone to accompany me to a lake,

A winter morning,crisp , clear sky,

Birds chirping,swirls on the water,

We glued to our binoculars,

Tell me about the birds I have never seen earlier,

Romance of the distance the birds carry in their relentless wings.....

I wanted someone to play her violin for me,

A quiet afternoon,

Play a cheerful raga ,

A pause,and then another,

Tell me how to tune my ears.

In turn,I shall recite the little-known poems

Of Jibananda,Shankha Ghosh,

Explain the imagery,

Flavour of words,

Spreading throu' ether..............

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