How to Occupy a Power Chewer: Part II

Chewing is an important activity for all dogs; it's what keeps their jaws strong, their mouths healthy, and their minds occupied for a while. The following products are common chew toys available for dogs, along with the pros and cons of each product.

Artificial Bones

When it comes to buying artificial bones, buying the correct product is absolutely vital. Some of these toys are made of materials that a dog can easily bite off and swallow, causing it to become stuck in the digestive system. It is best to buy bones made out of a hard material. Nylabone has a great reputation for distributing quality chew toys that are made so a dog can only shave off tiny bits of it that easily pass through the digestive system. It has been reported, however, that Nylabone's flexible bones have been too easy for a dog to chew apart and swallow. Nylabone also has an edible line of bones and dental bones. Puppy bones tend to be slightly softer in order to protect their teeth, which should be alright until the first adult tooth grows in. Teething bones can be very helpful in keeping a mouthing to a minimum in puppies. Keeping these in the freezer before giving one to a puppy can help soothe the gums. Buying the proper artificial bone for your dog can provide hours of fun each day, while buying the wrong one can be fatal. Always supervise your dog if you are unsure about how he or she will handle an artificial bone.


Greenies are a a type of dental bone that looks almost like a miniature toothbrush or small teething bone. It is still undecided whether or not these are not safe for dogs. Like softer artificial bones, Greenies are very easy to chew apart for some dogs, and large pieces can get stuck internally. Even when this doesn't happen, Greenies have been reported to meld back together once inside a dog. Since this makes it possible that a dog can be harmed even if he doesn't swallow large pieces, it's probably best to opt for a different dental hygiene method until it has been verified that Greenies have no risk. Additionally, they only last for a few minutes and will not occupy power chewers for long.


A favorite amongst dogs and their owners, this rubber toy is one of the best for keeping any dog entertained. The classic Kong is made of a very strong rubber that most dogs cannot chew apart, and there is a black Kong made of even stronger material for power chewers. It comes in different sizes and makes a great toy not only to chew, but also to play with in general. It bounces like a ball, but because it is shaped like a beehive it bounces in random directions. Many owners are avid about Kong stuffing. The Kong is a hollow toy that can be filled with treats that a dog has to work for to receive. Stuffing a Kong the right way can keep your dog working at it for hours, regardless of whether he or she is an avid chewer. The Kong can be used to ease separation anxiety and crate training. There is a softer puppy Kong for dogs with no adult teeth. Be sure to upgrade to the red or black Kongs once the first adult tooth has grown in. This toy is highly recommended.

Other toys

Obviously, there are tons of other dog toys out there; there are plastic toys, stuffed animals, squeaky toys, balls, and tons of other things. It all comes down to finding out what is right for your dog, especially when he or she is a power chewer. Look around and figure out what brands or types of toys your dog enjoys without destroying and stick with it and variations. A dog with a toy he can play with and/or chew to his content will be much better behaved, happy, and healthy.

Part I

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