Why Good Looks Are Important for Presidents

Who Is the Most Attractive—Clinton, Obama, or McCain?

The President of Venezuela Ugo Chavez—is ugly and has an unpleasant personality. Even his name is kind of ugly—Ugo. I didn’t know who the president of Venezuela was before Chavez, but at least whoever that person was, he didn’t impose his image as the image of his country. Before Chavez, I thought of Venezuela as the land of beautiful women—since Venezuela has won a number of Miss World and Miss Universe titles. Anyway, now whenever I think of Venezuela, I think of the unpleasant Ugo. Do we want someone like Ugo to represent America? In other words, should we judge a book by it’s cover?

Many studies in psychology confirm that attractive people receive better treatment by others. "These judgments are not confined to first impressions: People who know an individual well attribute more positive traits to cute children and beautiful or handsome adults” (Morris& Maisto, 2002, p. 567). This means that a better-looking president will be more welcomed by other international leaders and citizens from other countries.

A good-looking president will make a more intelligent decision maker. Contrary to popular adages, studies in psychology confirm that good looking people are more intelligent, more positive toward others, and more adaptive. This applies to both children and adults (Jackson, Hunter, & Hodge, 1995 as cited by Morris& Maisto, 2002, p. 567).

Then whose the most attractive presidential candidate: Clinton, Obama, or McCain? I’d say Obama is the most attractive and charming. I think most of you will agree—other studies in psychology confirm that beauty is universal. “People from different cultures and ethnic groups generally agree as to who is or is not beautiful” (Morris& Maisto, 2002, p. 567).


Jackson, Hunter, & Hodge (1995). Physical attractiveness and intelectual competence: A meta-analytic review. Social Psychology Quarterly, 58(2). Retrieved May 8, 2008, from EBSCOhost database.

Morris, C.G., & Maisto, A.A. (2002). Psychology: An Introduction (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

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Vidya 8 years ago

I think this entire thing is butt stupid. Abraham Lincoln was not the most good looking president. But he was articulate and the greatest president this country ever had. And Obama, by the way, is a total empty suit. All he does is read a teleprompter. You find that charismatic??!!! Honestly, I think the only two leaders who have had charisma and good looks are JFK and Bill Clinton. So, I would think again if I were you. Obama again is an empty suit who has absolutely no idea about anything except reading a teleprompter.

rainmakerrain profile image

rainmakerrain 7 years ago from United States Author

I'm saying that good looks will be helpful to the new president. Not that good looks only will make a great president. I don't think that JFK and Clinton were the only charismatic presidents. How about Ronald Reagan?

Random User 7 years ago

It's a complete valid point, not that only an attractive person will be more likely to win an election, but that the more attractive of the two is more likely. Although this is not always the case. People are more likely to vote for not only the more attractive, but the more powerful looking man. If you were looking for a leader, and this goes back to cavemen, you would look for the larger, and the stronger looking leader.

Not to say that this is the only reason for which they are elected, but that it does play a role, even if that role is subconscious. As much as i do agree about Obama, he is not necessarily more charismatic than Mccain, but he is more powerful looking. It's natural selection, you don't need to be "attractive" per say, but just more attractive.

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