shoes hurled at President Bush

journalist's illicit act against Bush


The role of the media in today's world is as important as a government. The government makes policies, while the media highlight them, whether implemented or umimplemented. In a way, the media are considered as the mirror of the societ or the eyes and ears of the society. However, an Iraqi journalist crossed the limits of journalistic ethics when he hurled shoes at President Bush, defaming the entire journalist community. Was such an act expected from a reporter?

The Iraqi people have been burdened under the debt of the US war on terror; they are anguished at the US for whatever is happening in their country ever since the US forces entered Iraq to smoke out Saddam Hussein and dismantle the weapons of mass destruction, which the US blamed on Iraq of possessing. However, Saddam was caught long ago, the US forces still continue to occupy Iraq. It is because of this reason that the entire Iraqi society is anguished. The wrath of the Iraqi people can be clearly seen from the continued acts of terror in that country. However, only the common Iraqi has suffered from the US invasion of Iraq. Therefore, to vent his anger at the US, an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at US President Bush when he was holding a press conference in the country during his last visit to Iraq as the president.


The act of the reporter was indeed disgraceful and against journalistic ethics. However, his employer has defended his act, citing freedom of expression as well as media freedom. But, does the media freedom allows the media persons to hurl shoes at anyone. It does not even allow hurling abuses at someone, and hurling shoes is all together a dastardly act. It has forced governments of various countries to rethink on the media freedom, and it might as well call for censorship against media.

If media freedom is a necessity, and it is indeed indispensable for the growth of the society, it is necessary that the media follow their set of rules and regulations and not try to legitimise acts like this in the future. Else that will help raise the political outcry against the media, a clear invitation to curbs on the media.

 Now, the shoes have become the talk of the town, in fact, the world. The said shoes hurled at Mr Bush have been auctioned; however, the demand for more such shoes is rising. Good omen for the shoe manufacturer..

an act against journalistic ethics

Iraqi journalist targetting Bush
Iraqi journalist targetting Bush
President Bush ducks
President Bush ducks
President Bush ducks for the second time
President Bush ducks for the second time

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hubber-2009 profile image

hubber-2009 8 years ago from India

I think he desrve for this..

blackjack2009 8 years ago

he's lucky it wasnt a bullet.

bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 8 years ago from Delhi Author

well, no matter what his policies were, but no head of the state deserves such treatment, especially from an outsider. Yesterday, I saw Americans too doing the same in front of the White House. Yes, fortunately, it was just a shoe and not a bullet. I wonder what security arrangements are in place for the president of a superpower that anyone can target him.It is too astounding, especially for us in India, who think that the most stringent measures are in place for the president of the United States. The bodyguards of the president must stand beside him in any case. Where were his guards?

blackjack2009 8 years ago

They probably moved out of the way so they wouldn't get hit.

ALI STAR 7 years ago from Canada,Ontario,Toronto,Markham

looks like he practices ducking from a shoe thrower at the whitehouse.. lol...gotta say..nice reflexes

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