Are Muscular Men Really Sexy

Are Muscular Men Really Sexy

IEvery Youngman wants to look sexy and attractive. He wears attractive dresses and does whatever he can. He goes to gym and builds his muscles. Craze of building muscles has caused a flood of mushrooming gyms in the the whole world. I have visited dozens of countries and this craze is everywhere. Any famous muscular actor becomes the icon of the youth.

Now the question is: Are muscular men really sexier? I think muscular men are rarely popular among the ladies. Such men are mostly popular among their own male race. Few ladies find such men attractive. Talk to the ladies about their favourite personalities. They like lean, intelligent and warm persons. Sense of humour is an addtional charm. Wealthy persons are valued too. Foregert my opinion. What is your opinion friends?

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sukritha profile image

sukritha 9 years ago from Cochin

Muscles are good But I dont thing it is a nesisiity to attract girls

sherry 8 years ago

Muscles are not forever,but a good personality lasts.Men who focus on theirselves in the name of vanity are too into theirself,and in the end,they really only care about theirselves.......and wheres the mirror/window reflection to admire their "greatness".

Chante 8 years ago

I think muscles are definately sexy on a man. When a man keeps his body in shape that's definately a turn on as long as its not overly done.

Rhym O'Reison profile image

Rhym O'Reison 8 years ago from Crowley, Tx

In my opinion, super bulky muscles are gross. Well defined abs and muscular arms can be hot, but not necessarily what makes a man sexy.  Some of the sexiest men I know haven't seen a gym in years.  Give me a nice guy that is also smart and funny and I'll show you a man that will never be without a woman by his side.

gee 7 years ago

i go for moderate muscle. nice to hug and look at.

Guest 7 years ago

Yet muscular guys get a great deal of action which shows that women are not necessarily honest about what they want.

Mr Clean.. 6 years ago

you guys are very liberated....all body body not gets gosh black,white people are like finding love because of its body physique..

Jake 6 years ago

It is true that muscular men are not that sexy but trust me when i was 120 kg i didnt have a chance to get laid i lost weight and here i am building muscles and everything is 100% just my opinion

RishaGal 5 years ago

I felt Muscular really sexy n hot too...

Expecially on bed..muscularman looks great n love those 6pack or huge biceps when touch me ..oo yeasss

SarahChick 5 years ago

Um I don't know what kind of lady doesn't perfer a more muscular man?? I personally am forever sad that there aren't more very muscular men. Like 80% of men or more that I see are not muscular enough. WORKOUT. Its a total turn on.

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