the best free ebook site on net

This is in response to a request for cheaper books.

It has been last year when i have found the best site on the net for free e books

The scribd is called the you tube of the documents. It is a free site where one can upload boooks articles and download the same for free.

the search engine can search about 3 billion words and the site claims that over 10million people a month view the site each month

The best thing about the site is that it is very easy to navigate with home page having sections such as bussiness, computer, culture, science, medical, history etc.

The documents can also be searched according to different languages and time of uploading.

Also there are categories for most viewed, most discussed, most liked etc...

Books can be downloaded in various formats among which the best is the pdf format

There are also other things on the site that are equally interesting.

The best things is that there are plenty of books and everyone around is a book lover, a heaven for someone like me

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drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Michele Engholm profile image

Michele Engholm 8 years ago from Hutchinson

Wow...Thanks for this hub. I spend a small fortune on reading material....Therefore....My husband thanks you too!!! I am off to check this out momentarily.


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