vegetable cooking tips

Vegetable Cooking Tips

Choose fresh vegetables. Cheap ones are not always the best.

Wash vegetables thoroughly before paring or cutting them.

Don’t soak potatoes and other vegetables in water if you intend to throw the water away.

Cook vegetables until they are tender. Don’t undercook or overcook them.

Use the right amount of water.

In cooking, put vegetables in the pan as soon as the water is boiling.

Cover the pan while cooking except when using strong flavored vegetables like cabbages, onions and radish.

Sour vegetables should be added only when vegetables are almost done. If they are added early, the vegetables will not become tender and turn brownish-green.

When paring vegetables, remove the skin as thinly as possible.

Serve vegetables as soon as they are cooked. Don’t cook vegetables long before serving time.

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