wake up a heavy sleeper without screaming

It is a matter of building a dialog. 'Wake up" etc while doing something else is not efficient. You have to pay attention to the person.

1- Go next to the person.

2- Speak as if he/she is awake.

3- Repeat gently about one of the reason why the time is geeting late

"Missing the bus", "Breakfast is ready", "bathroom is necessary" etc.

4- Keep using the name of the person while addressing. Say the name first and let him/her respond, then continue.

5- Do not dump a lot of information.

6- If there is something new, remind him/her. such as "Remeber today we have to go to mall after the work" etc.

7- Ask the person to do some action such as 'high five'

8- Do not be serious and threatining.

9- Keep smiling or laughing nicely.

10- Use drip of water if the person agreed about it earlier.

11- Never use "SNOOZE" for the alarm clock.

12- If the person was able to wake up by themselves when you are not there by alarm clock, then be patient and do not turn off the alarm clock let them do it.it For some people it takes time to register the alarm clock, give their time.

13- If nothing works "Ask the person to move his/her hand or high five if they decide to continue to sleep. Then let them sleep over and get damage. Next day it will be much easier"

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Mschanl profile image

Mschanl 8 years ago from USA

Thank you for answering my request. I think I'll try a couple of your ideas.

Sarah Gascon 6 years ago

It is too hard.

Lisa 3 years ago

Who ever wrote that answer does not know about deep sleepers. That would NEVER work.

monica 2 years ago

My boyfriend is a very heavy sleeper and he works and none of those work for a heavy sleeper I can tell you that right now I guess none of you have ever woke a heavy sleeper I do it every day and let me tell you this he don't agree to anything he don't hear you high fives really no water no talking as if he or she is a wake what good does that do i wish I could help answer this but I'm looking for answers too and what I just read isn't going to help if that works for hour "heavy sleeper" great but I have to say you don't have the worst one out there

jade 2 years ago

Hey everybody needs to be nice at least they we're trying to help out on some advice maybe they have a very deep sleeper in their house or relative and it worked out just fine maybe it was one of you guys that's screwed up!!!! maybe you need to be more gentle or graceful and not rush things I bet that is exactly why it didn't work at all for you all because I just did it and guess what I followed all the instructions very carefully and did them as instructed so....yeah maybe actually "try"

kiii 2 years ago


Maya 2 years ago

I only had to go up to step 4 and it worked on my dad who slept through my chiuawa barking at 3 octives higher than a high Do! He has back peoblems and is hyper sensitive, but when my dog jumped on him he didnt budge, just kept snoring, i adressed him in between snores and told him he had to go pick up mom from work now or he would be late, and ge woke up!

Jon 17 months ago

Actually worked! Thx

jazmyen 11 months ago

I don't know how

Fluff 7 months ago

Imma try it

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