Making money from freelance job

Freelancing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn a living nowadays on the internet you can do it as a side job or you can do it as your regular one. it really depends on how much you can do and how much you can earn from the assignments that you get. if you are looking from something that is safe, legal, not too difficult and can make you good money, you should try to work as freelance.

Freelance writer in action

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    what is a freelance job?

    Basically, working freelance is the same as doing full time job. The differences are just that you can work at home, manage your deadline and you are free to choose which jobs you like. There are hundreds of freelance job you can find online. some of them, such as IT programmer, web developer, web designer, product designer, label designer, medical transcription and copy writer, require special skills. But some other ones such as data entry, data converter, book reviewer, bulk e-mailer and article writer are very simple to do.

    How it works

    The freelance job process is simple. An employer advertises a job that they need a freelance workers for hoping to find the right person with the necessary skills to complete the task as a freelance worker, you tender for these freelance job on the internet. if yours is the best tender for the position then you get the contract. you will be able to set an agreed schedule for its completion and complete the work in the comfort of your home.

    Benefit of freelance jobs

    a. One of the major benefits of freelance jobs is that you get to work in the comfort of your home. no traffic problems and other problems associated with the normal daily work routine.

    b. You set your own hours to work, you get up when you want, and take a break when you want

    c. You don't need to learn new skills. you just use the skills you already acquired and get paid for it.

    d. You are your own boss and you choose the project you want to work on.

    e. You can increase your income to higher level.

    How to get a freelance job

    Nowadays, there are so many websites that act as market places (places where buyer/ project owner meets the freelancer). they usually charge 5% - 10% transaction fee. The three biggest market places are, and www.rentacoder.comother useful sites you casn utilize are,, among many other. all these websites advertise a variety of positions that freelance workers are able to bid on, they provide plenty of work for any one entering freelance employment. Elance is the biggest market place for freelance job. It has hundred of new projects every month, their project price is the highest but its membership fee is also the most expensive ($11-$199/month). Guru and rent a coder charge low membership fee (rent a coder is even free), but their project price are much lower than elance.

    Apart from these sites, which only paid up members can use, there are other freelance sites that you can use. you can search for them on your favourite search engine and you will get a lot of them that you could possibly sign up with.

    How much can i make from a freelance job?

    How much you can earn from freelance jobs depends on many factors.A small project such as web development costs $100_$300 per project and can be finished within1--2weeks.Book reviewing project costs $100--$200 per book(if your client is satisfied,you can get this project every week).Data conversion,such as converting PDF to HTML files,costs $3--$5per file.This type of project usually is given in a bulk(about 100--200 files per project).So you still get huge income.But remember,you can also earn $0 if you dont do any efforts to win any project(by bidding too high) or violating the agreements(can not meet the deadlines,the completed software is full of bugs,charging additional fees, etc)

    You must also note that what you can charge on a project depends on some factors.Your knowledge and experience in a project area is a major factor in helping you get jobs.A person who is perceived to be an expert in an area and who has a record of having done such work before can confidently charge higher rates than what a stater will charge.

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