Business Owners – Why buy an Air Conditioning Unit when it’s Cheaper to Rent?


In today’s cost cutting, penny pinching times the business owner or site manager needs to save money any way they can. One of the key areas where a business owner can save money is in the heating and cooling department.




Many business owners choose to purchase air conditioning units or heating units for their work premises. This may seem like a good idea at the time but the inherent costs which come with owning your own air conditioning units should not be forgotten about. Firstly the unit must be maintained to a satisfactory level and conform to nationally set R22 legislation. If the air conditioning unit contains R22, R407C or R410A (which are the most prevalent in today’s air conditioning units) gasses then there are strict guidelines dictated by the EU on there operation.



Along with compliance to the F-Gas Regulations companies should also be aware of the upgrade cost of air conditioning units. Units may need replacing as often as every three years making the continual cost of air conditioning very high.


When renting an air conditioning unit you loose the inherent responsibility of maintenance, upgrading and legislation compliance. This makes air conditioning rental an obvious choice for companies wishing to cut down on overheads. By hiring an air conditioning unit you are in control of when the unit is in use (do you really need an air conditioner unit through the winter?) and you also loose the worries of reduced efficiency and breakdowns. If your current air con unit breaks down you're going to have to hire a new one anyway?



So save that capital expenditure budget for more important areas during this time of recession and hire your air conditioners! The same applies for all forms of workplace cooling or heating.

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Charlotte Jewell 5 years ago

Good idea, especially since new air conditioing regulations are being put in place -

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