It was once assumed that motivation had to be injected from outside, but it is now understood, that everyone is motivated by several, differing forces.

Avoid delays. They make people lose interest and make them lethargic.

Achievement motivation is the drive to pursue and attain goals. An individual with achievement motivation wishes to achieve objectives and advance up the ladder of success.

Affiliation motivation is a drive to relate people on a social basis. A person with affiliation motivation performs work better when they are complimented for their favorable attitudes and cooperation.

Competence motivation is the drive to be good at something, allowing an individual to perform high quality work. Competence motivated people seek job mastery, take pride in developing and using their problem-solving skills and strive to innovate when confronted with obstacles. They learn from their experience.

Power motivation is the drive to influence people and change situations. Power motivated people wish to create an impact in their organization and are willing to take calculated risks to do so.

Attitude motivation is how people think and feel. It is their self confidence, belief in themselves and attitude.

Incentive motivation is where a person or a team reaps an award for performing an activity. It is a-- you do this and you get that --sort attitude. It is the types of awards and prizes that drive people to work a little harder in life.

Fear motivation and coercion are acts against the will of a person. It is instantaneous and gets the job done quickly, but helpful only for a short time.

Where a workforce is self motivated, just the acknowledgement of the same makes people feel important and wanted.

Motivation requires recognition. Seeing ourselves progressing motivates us.

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omdelhi profile image

omdelhi 9 years ago from New Delhi

Great Hub with a powerful writeup on motivation.

thumbs up friend.


Rudra profile image

Rudra 9 years ago

wow great hub

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

Excellent information on motivation and fully appreciated.

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teeray profile image

teeray 9 years ago from Canada

Great points, manoharv2001

Babbyii profile image

Babbyii 8 years ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Very insightful and refreshing new thoughts too.

motiv8ed profile image

motiv8ed 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

AWESOME MOTIVATION. Thanks for the contribution!

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