Wrigley Field Stadium – Temporary Ice Rink

The famous Wrigley Field Stadium in Chicago played host to an extraordinary transformation this January. The stadium is home to the Chicago Cubs baseball team but in a unique twist to it’s usually calling the stadium was frozen under 2 inches of solid ice.


The transformation was due to the NHL Winter Classis between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings as part of the US ice hockey season. The clash took place in from of over 40,000 spectators and was made possible by what has been claimed as the world’s largest mobile rink refrigeration unit.

With the new water cooled range, Carrier has created a new category of energy efficient chillers operating on R134a which adapt to a wide variety of applications and satisfy the needs of each market sector – air conditioning, heating and industrial refrigeration.


To meet the requirements of various water cooled system applications the Aquaforce chillers function under an expanded range of water temperatures. Where ground source water is available as low as 8◦C, the Aquaforce 30XW chiller can control and manage the entering condenser water temperature to ensure satisfactory operation.

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    The chiller is also capable of offering leaving condenser water temperatures as high as 63◦C. This makes the 30KW compatible with a wide range of heat rejection configurations including ground source systems, cooling towers and dry coolers.


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