5 Ways to Make Money Using Your Body

It's not what immediately jumps into your dirty mind!

Does the notion of making money with your body have to be an inappropriate vision? No. Wipe that filth from your mind and come up for air!

This is about how to make some extra cash without sitting on your butt at a desk all day.

So, without further ado...drum roll please...here are 5 ways to make money using your body:

Mowing the lawn

If you have a yard, then you know the efforts involved in keeping the grass maintained. Either you are paying someone to cut the grass for you or you are doing it yourself. Why not get some exercise AND some cash by mowing your neighbors' lawns for them? If you see good ole' Bob sweating out there one Sunday, why not go up to him and offer him a beer and a decent rate for taking over for him.

Assuming you are pushing a lawn mower and not riding on a motorized one, you can burn anywhere from 350 to 450 calories an hour!

Raking Leaves

If you live where the leaves fall, you know how beautiful they can be in the early Fall when they change colors and the air gets crisp. You also know how annoying they can be when they start to fall off the trees and clog up your gutters and blow around in the wind.

Get out your rake and starting burning more calories while earning some cash. Heck, you can even recruit a friend or two and the get the job done faster. While you'll have to share the earnings, you could do more jobs - so it works out.

Become a Lifeguard

You'll need to get into tiptop physical shape to get this kind of job. Strength training, rowing exercises, and endurance will help you if you ever need to jump into the pool and help a struggling swimmer.

Let's face it, you get to sit a lot too. And watch everyone below you on sunny, summer days. Not a bad way at all to fill your pockets.

Be a Dog Walker

Not everyone can stop home twice a day to walk their dogs if they work. But just because they work doesn't mean the dog should have to suffer. Dogs need plenty of exercise just like people. And many dog owners are willing to pay a pretty penny to see that their dogs are well taken care of.

Also, some elderly people like to keep pets as studies have proven that pets ease depression and loneliness. So why not do some good and chat with an elderly person while you pick up their pet for a little walking time?

Many people walk several dogs at a time to maximize their time and income. Also this allows you to go from one neighborhood to the next so that you aren't limited to one area. If you enjoy the outdoors and animals - than this job just might be for you!

Be a Camp Counselor

Working with kids of all ages can be more than just a mental exercise. Kids, as we all know, have tons of energy. While you may not have as much energy as them, there are generally two or more 'chaperones' to watch after a group of them. So depending on the kids' age, you may just be walking around making sure they aren't getting into trouble...or you might be running after them in a game of tag! Either way, this is a great way to earn money over a summer and get in a lot of exercise while you are at it.

What's Your Favorite Way to Earn Extra Money

  • Raking Leaves
  • Doing Nothing
  • Walking Dogs
  • All of the Above
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