2009 Stimulus Check - What could they be?

After the 2008 Stimulus Checks that the United States government mailed out during the summer of 2008 many people rejoiced. Why? Because it was free money for the slumping economy that the nation and world was heading into at the time.

Spending was down, confidence was down. The nations economy was beginning to fail The money the US wanted the taxpayers to spend on gadgets and dodads, ended up paying for rent and other necessities.

It is 2009 and there is talk of a stimulus check to help bailout the tax payers. The big businesses and corporations got their bailouts last fall and this spring. So where is the taxpayer bail out. Will we receive a stimulus check in 2009?

As of now, there is no actual talk of a check from Obama and his team about a 2009 stimulus check, instead, it looks like there will be tax cuts made that will equal ~$500 per person and $1000 per couple.

It isn't quite an up front check from the government, but it is better then nothing to help the ailing taxpayers pocket.


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