2011 Back To School Savings - Shop Online For Boys Jeans And Save

Now that summer is drawing to a close it's time to start thinking about back to school shopping. This can be a challenge at the best of times but with the state of the economy families are finding it harder and harder to find the needed extra cash that a family needs.

Luckily there are some ways for you to still be able to afford the school clothes and supplies that your kids will need for school this year. In order to get the best prices I do a large part of my shopping online and these are so of the places that I go in order to find the best bargains.

Shop on eBay:

One easy way to save on boys jeans is to shop on eBay. Shopping on eBay is a great way to save on kids brand name clothing. You will most likely have to pay for shipping but this will be a lot less if you try and buy several different items or a large lot of clothing from an individual seller instead of a lot of different sellers. Right now a lot of sellers are also free shipping on back to school items which will allow you to save even more.

shop online for boys jeans and save
shop online for boys jeans and save

Start A Swap Page On Facebook

Another easy way to save is to start an online swap page for your town on facebook. Here you can buy sell or trade items with people in your own town. This is a great way to find some awesome bargains on school clothes as well as other items that you might need. Just last week I sold a large box of kids clothes for $25 on my local swap page. For me it was a win win situation because not only did I get rid of some clutter but I also had the satisfaction of knowing that my items was helping someone out with their school shopping.

I've also heard of some moms doing a page that is strictly swap, which means that no money will be involved just a group of moms exchanging school clothes and helping each other out.

Shop At Old Navy

Shop the back to school sale at Old Navy, right now they are offering some fantastic savings on kids jeans and school clothes. A lot of the boys jeans are priced at $12 and print t-shirts are only $6. This along with the free shipping on orders over $50 means that you can't go wrong with Old Navy. In fact you'll have a hard time finding prices better than this anywhere else.

Check out the bargains on Amazon:
Another little secret of mine is that I'm always checking out Amazon for sales and bargains. Many times you can find a great deal on kids levis and even you can also get free shipping a lot of the time. And if you're looking for brand name shoes Amazon can't be beat for prices. Just check around for their sale items and you'll be amazed at some of the good prices that you can find.


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