3 Simple Rules to Make Money with Your Website

3 Simple Rules to Make Money with Your Website

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. To make money with a website you must respect the fundamental rules that will increase sales and prevent you from wasting time and money.

The design and content are important to help the user's decision to stay or leave your site in seconds. This becomes even more important if you are spending money to attract visitors.

When creating a new website to make money or change your job, think about the following 3 rules:

Rule #1 - Do not Make Your Website look like an ad

Every day most people are bombarded by thousands of television ads, magazine, radio, outdoor, internet and so on. Of course they create a resistance to this constant interruption.

The last thing you want is that your website looks like an ad.

People go to the internet seeking information on products and services and not propaganda. Often the decision to purchase takes some time and the more information people find better.

Nothing more natural than to offer your visitor information he is seeking. Therefore your website should look more editorial than advertising.

Therefore the design and content must comply with this rule. Strive to create a high quality content that holds the Internet user for more time on your pages.

But the website does not have to sell to make money?

The greater the credibility, the better your sales. And credibility is achieved with an interesting content and showing that you understand the subject. It is clear that in some areas of the site you must have sales message.

Rule #2 - Be Persuasive

Thousands of companies spend real fortunes to attract visitors to their sites. Create a high traffic is important but will not do anything if the text on the website is not persuasive and causes the user do exactly what you want.

There are millions of website and billions of pages available on the Internet leading the attention of the user to be very divided. If your website is just an online catalog for your business does not work as well as a sales tool.

So create interesting titles and sellers and make sure your writing and content generate interest in the product. Write with emotion and give a sense of urgency to the user making the purchase.

Rule #3 - Capture Email Addresses

The website should function as a piece of direct mail, which causes users to act after reading the content. What is the purpose of bringing someone to your site without any action, for example, buy a product, sign up for a newsletter or make a call to learn more?

The fact is that most visitors coming to your website will not go back and you will lose the chance to talk more with them about your product. Any effort to bring them in first place was in vain.

It is therefore essential that you create an incentive in your pages to capture at least the name and email of Internet users. Take a free report, a free video on email exchange.

By maintaining constant communication and you will increase your sales in the long term.

Keep in mind these 3 rules to make your website a vending machine and your success online. The next step is to put everything into practice.

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