4 Ps of making money online

Making money on the net (anywhere actually) comes down to a standard marketing mix:

1. Product / Service
2. Price
3. Promotion
4. People

Product / Service

Online you can either sell your services or use it to sell your product. If you are selling a product then the online store is part of place (another marketing P). But this is where the net is different.

you can sell your services, your opinion and then use that to sell products. Look at programs like google commerce, amazon, ebay or a host of other sellers. the idea is to create meaningful content focused on something specific and once you have built a large enough audience, and a large enough connect/trust sell them the products you personally think they will value/enjoy


Most stuff on the net is free and hence very few will actually pay you for your thoughts. But the payment can come from advertisements. making money online is not that difficult. its about attracting the right audience to your platform and hence becoming valuable to advertisers. most programs (google adsense is the best) will find targeted ads automatically just as long as your niche is clearly visible.


making money online is almost the same as making money offline. you need to ensure enough people are aware of your product/service.
promotion counts. linking in with other blogs/sites which are similar in readership profile will help.
getting others to use your content or even quote you will add value to you.
Promote discreetly. use forums, comments and discussions to get noticed.


The right people can make the difference. get the best to contribute, share and acknowledge your work. get the best to work with you and get the best to design your stuff.

There. simple thoughts to get you started.

Go out there, make money!

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