5 Options You can Use Instead of Google's Adsense to Monetize Your Blog or Website

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Sometimes it just doesn't make sense
Sometimes it just doesn't make sense | Source

What Happens When Google's AdSense is Shut Down?

Monetizing your blog or website is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and Google’s AdSense program is the first option webmasters and bloggers turn to. However, this program has is very strict and Google has closed many accounts because of what can be described as ‘click fraud’.

Unfortunately, it does not have to be you. It could be your competitor trying to shut you down or even the advertiser trying to drive up their marketing costs.

So what happens when your AdSense account is closed? You can try alternative monetizing options like the 5 which I am about to tell you. Below is a list of 5 alternative monetizing options you can use instead of AdSense.

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5 Alternatives to Google’s AdSense

The 5 Google AdSense alternatives you can use to monetize your website or blogs are:

  1. Monetize with AdBrite Exchange.com – this online advertising program is best described as pay-per-click (PPC). However, unlike most PPC programs, advertisers on AdBrite have the option of adding banners as well as text ads.

    This program, although not as well-known as Google or Yahoo PPC is described by IM Report Card as ‘decent’ with a four star rating. You can also set your payment threshold at a lower amount than Google, increasing payment frequency.

  2. Monetize with Bidvertiser.com – this program is advertising with a twist. The publisher puts the code on their site and advertisers will bid for the ad spots. The highest bidder wins and so does the publisher. It’s a win-win situation.

    The minimum payout starts at $10 so it should take too long for the money to start coming in.

  3. Monetize with Clicksor.com – this program is the 3rd largest contextual publisher network after Infolinks and AdSense and provides some great incentives. Payments are done every 15 days with a minimum of $50 and it has an amazing referral programs that pays 10% commission.

    You can also choose to be paid by either PayPal, cheque or wire transfer.

  4. Monetize with eClickz.com – there is some interesting ways to make money with this program like an XML feed, domain parking and even contextual ads in your very own search portal.

  5. Monetize with Infolinks.com – this is an in-text advertising agency. Advertisements will be shown as hyperlinks with double underlines. When you move the mouse over then an ad pops up.

    Payments are done though PayPal, wire transfer, eCheck, Western Union, ACH (for US accounts only) and Payoneer. The minimum is $50 for PayPal, eCheck and ACH. The rest are set at $100.

    But the best thing about this program is you get paid 70% of the revenue which gives them bragging rights for “highest revenue” offers.

    They also provide free plug-ins for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal which is a bonus.


Direct Advertising

Another option, apart from these, is to sell ad space directly to advertisers. This requires marketing directly with potential clients.

You have to have good traffic in order to capitalize on this. However, if successful the returns will be quite lucrative.

Open Up Your Opportunities to Make Money

You don’t need to restrict yourself to Google’s AdSense; there are countless other alternative methods of monetizing your blog available. Like the common adage goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea” or something like that – there are many ways to monetize your blog.

A short search on your favorite search engine will bring back more than one satisfying answer. However, you have to remember that the true money maker is your content and a proper understanding of basic SEO tweaks.

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Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida

Awesome, shared and rated up, plus I'm checking a couple of those places out. : )

pcabral profile image

pcabral 4 years ago from Azores

Great post. Having alternatives is always a good deal.

Pro-Hubber profile image

Pro-Hubber 4 years ago from Florida

Good information

Injured lamb profile image

Injured lamb 4 years ago

Thanks for the sharing bernard, would check them out for sure...

NateB11 profile image

NateB11 4 years ago from California, United States of America

Good info, very good to know there are alternatives out there.

timorous profile image

timorous 4 years ago from Me to You

Yes, it's a good idea to spread your revenue sources around, rather than relying on Google Adsense. I've heard of many of these.

One thing that should be pointed out is that you, as a website or blog owner, would be the 'publisher', and not the advertiser in this case. Something to know when you sign up with these alternatives.

inf123 profile image

inf123 4 years ago from Sweden

I think adhitz.com is another good alternative. Works very well for my blog (which is in the 'make money online' niche).

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 4 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

If you could only pick 2 Adsense Alternatives, which would you use? Thanks for the information here on Adsense Alternatives.

bernard.sinai profile image

bernard.sinai 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea Author

I use Clicksor and Infolinkz to monetize my blogs since.

bernard.sinai profile image

bernard.sinai 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea Author

@cavedweller: I think Clicksor is the best, but that's me. It all depends on the individual. You should investigate them for yourself to determine which one suites you best.

SoaresJCSL profile image

SoaresJCSL 4 years ago

Very good information in this Hub. Appreciated it! :)

Good alternatives to Google AdSense.

Thanks for sharing

ShaamCA profile image

ShaamCA 4 years ago from India

Great share , alternatives are very essential for every Business people , Good post on Google alternatives, thanks for the share

esther pandi profile image

esther pandi 4 years ago from India

Yes nice alternative but the pay is very less compared to Google Adsense.

But any its always nice to have something than nothing :)

Thanks for this wonderful work

CraftytotheCore profile image

CraftytotheCore 3 years ago

This is very useful information. I'm new to all of this revenue stuff online and I don't know much about it. This is a helpful guide for anyone who is looking for other resources. I bookmarked this page for future reference. Thank you for the great tips!

bernard.sinai profile image

bernard.sinai 2 years ago from Papua New Guinea Author

I will soon be updating this list.

addingsense profile image

addingsense 2 years ago from kerala

Juanito 2 years ago

CLicksor is not recommended anymore..Mostly there ads have a malicious ads..I know it, cause I did add it on my blog and when I view at mobile it redirects to a malware...

paiarais profile image

paiarais 2 years ago from Bogia

can these other options be associated with adsense?

bernard.sinai profile image

bernard.sinai 2 years ago from Papua New Guinea Author

Thanks for the heads up. :-)

bernard.sinai profile image

bernard.sinai 2 years ago from Papua New Guinea Author

I believe the answer is yes but it might affect your earnings with individual platforms.

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