5 More Simple Ways To Increase Your Hubpage Earings

Leading on from my previous hub here are 5 more ways you can indcrease your Hubpages earnings. We're still going to keep it simple and the tips are based on utilising Hubpages own features. We're not delving in to the depths of keyword research, boring backlinking or external traffic generation. If you over complicate everything you will end up getting nothing done. My best performing hubs are the ones that have over 1000 words but it's not to say they started as a 1000 word article. So make sure you're constantly writing new hubs and going back to them over time to add and tweak. When I first started writing on here the thought of writing a 500+ word article threw a spanner in the works as I was thinking "500" words, which stopped me in my tracks. This is how I've got over this - If you open the first text box on your new hub and just write write and write rather than worrying about how your first text box is looking you'll be surprised how quickly you can get to 500+ word count. Once your done you can then break the text up and assemble the hub, this cuts your writing time down. I used to write a paragraph then select a new text box then sort the photo out then write another paragraph. This was time consuming and stopping my flow making it harder to write. Top tip is just write in the first text box everything you want to write about and the cut it up. I can now write a 500+ word article in 20 minutes or so now and a total of 30 minutes or so to complete a hub. Right that isn't one of the 5 more tips but it might help you're struggling to write hubs. OK let's crack on see what we can do to increase our hubpage earnings.

Tag, you're IT.

Tags are words that are associated with the hub we've written, Hubpages lets you add 40 tags. Use them! The tags help your hub be associated with other relevant hubs so that when someone reads a hub on Hubpages they will also see relevant hubs in that topic keeping visitors in Hubpages. The trick here is to find high scoring hubs already on hubpages in the same topic as yours and seeing what their tags are and using them, This will then get your hub on the same page as the high ranking hub and potentially have some of the traffic click on yours. When you add tags to your hubs it acts as adding fresh content and can generate new views, so don't max out your 40 straight away add them over time.

Give yourself a free backlink

Interlinking - Another way to use existing traffic on hubpages, is to interlink your own hubs. If you've got 10 hubs on the same topic interlink them this generates a cycle of traffic. Or if you've got 1 hub performing really well (i.e making money) use the other relevant hubs to link to that one well performing hub, this will make it even stronger and increase the earnings. This is a form of backlinking.

Hubpages keeps a track

View your stats - Hubpages is great in that it tracks your individual hub stats. Click on your hub and it will be an option at the top of your hub near the title. This not only tells you your traffic sources but it also tells your keyword search terms. There's also Title Tuner which is gold, as it tells you keywords you can add you your title. This generates more traffic.

It's Really Simple

Add an RSS feed to each article - You do this by clicking on your profile and under picture ( if you still have the old style profile ) and right clicking on to subscribe to RSS feed then select copy shortcut. Add the RSS feed capsule to your article and paste the RSS feed in. The default RSS feed is "latest" you can change this word to "hot" or "best" and it will show your relevant hubs. The benefit of and RSS is that it keeps your hubs fresh as the RSS feed constantly changes more so under hot and best making it appear to the search engines you're adding fresh new content.

Pay someone else

Pay someonelse to do it - If you've poured your heart and soul in to one hub and it's performing well ( i.e making money) but you're now drained and cant write a handful of relevant hubs to link back to your masterpiece, pay someone else to write them for you. There are loads of people who write articles for other people for a living. For aound $10 you can have a unique 1000 word article written for you on any subject you want. This is what the pros do, they outsource everything. A great metohd of utilising this is to write a review yourself on a product, if it's an Amazon product go for somehing that is $150+ and really put all your effort in to that review then pay an article writer to write 10 relevant articles in the same niche. Then submit these to articles directories and put a link back to your review, rework the 10 articles yourself and re submit those articles. When you make some money pay for some more articles. When you get to a steady income stream from that one review you can move on to the next. This is how fortunes are made.

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Kieran Gracie 4 years ago

Another good Hub with lots of useful information - voted accordingly. One thing, JP993: where is the RSS feed that you describe? I am using the new profile that doesn't seem to have anything about RSS in it.

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

Thank you for your comment Kieran, You're right I couldn't see it on the new profiles either. My RSS url is


So just replace my Hubpages name with yours and it should work. You can change the word latest too, to Hot or Best.

Kieran Gracie 4 years ago

Great idea, JP993, and it works perfectly! Just updated a few of my sites (it takes forever, doesn't it?) and will do the rest tomorrow. Thanks for the great tip.

DS Duby profile image

DS Duby 4 years ago from United States, Illinois

I used to practice most of these methods but I stopped doing the RSS feeds because I kept getting messages telling me they weren't working correctly but yes all of these will increase views. voted up, interesting and useful.

Kate Mc Bride profile image

Kate Mc Bride 4 years ago from Donegal Ireland

This hub is full of great ideas, especially about using tags which I will definitely focus more on.I am going to read your other hub on this topic now.Voted this up and useful. Thanks!

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

Thank you Kate Mc Bride,

There's loads of hidden gems in Hubpages. I might do another one of these hubs or maybe even make an ebook and give it away free.

Kate Mc Bride profile image

Kate Mc Bride 4 years ago from Donegal Ireland

Good idea JP993 but with your wealth of knowledge you could make some money for the ebook- there is a market out there for your information.

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

We'll see, I might try and get it ready for Christmas.

Kate Mc Bride profile image

Kate Mc Bride 4 years ago from Donegal Ireland

Good for you

ajwrites57 profile image

ajwrites57 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

Informative Hub JP993 ! Thanks

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