50 ways to save your money

Make more food at home!

Homemade lasagna
Homemade lasagna

50 ways to save money! In times of financial insecurity ways to save money are always welcome. so here are 50 of them!

1. Buy In bulk- Buy items that you use a lot of in bulk, for example toilet rolls. Don't be tricked into buying items that you won't use... That would just be waste!

2. Buy the store brand- for many items the difference in quality is minimal

3. Go to farmers markets- the food is fresher, often cheeper and you know where it comes from

4. Only use seasonal ingredients- those ingredients sourced locally will be cheaper and healthier for the environment too.

5. Turn off the lights- when you are not in the room. This saves electricity and will save money too

6. Turn off appliances at the wall- appliances that you leave on stand-by or have a light on even when they are off are vampirific and use electricity when they are not being used

7. Grow your own vegetables- especially from seeds of vegetables you have bought eg capsicum, tomato and chillies

8. Wash clothes in cold water ie set the washer cycle to cold. No more paying for hot water

9. If you have children- pass on old clothes to your friends and start a club

10. Keep your car tuned up-serviced cars use less fuel

11. Keep your tyres at the right pressure- it will use less fuel

12. Walk or use public transport when you can

13. Plan your meals before shopping so you only buy what you need

14. Reuse plastic containers

15. Bring lunch from home instead of buying it

16. If you must buy coffee out bring your own mug... you will get a discount

17. Join shopping club/coffee clubs that are free to get free offers and products

18. Shop for specials: look in papers for specials and shop accordingly

19. Buy Christmas cards/decorations straight after Christmas- you will save lots

20. Be organised with meals-so that you dont get tempted to eat out

21. When you have a job to be done phone around and go with the lowest quote

22. When getting insurance get quotes and compare prices and the product disclosure documents.

23. Search for a bank account that suits your usage and has the lowest fees

24. Go to garage sales and swap meet to buy goods

25. Sell unwanted items on Ebay or swap meets or a garage sale

26.Only buy what you need. Do you really need that new dress/pair of shoes etc

27. Have a uniform for work ie create a work look and then buy similar clothes which are just for work

28. Instead of buying books use the library

29. If you must buy books go to secondhand stores or Amazon

30. Offer to pay friends in kind for help eg I make bread for a lady who takes up my trousers for me

31. Carpool to work

32. If you and a friend need a babysiter, pool for one for all of the children

33. When buying new appliances buy ones which are energy efficent, they will save you in the long run!

34. When using the oven cook your mains and your dessert at the same time!

35. Make more food at home instead of buying processed food eg yogurt

36. Budget: if you dedicate money for specific purposes you will save money

37. Look at your spending habits: when are you most prone to spending money... make an effort to avoid these triggers

38. Eat healthily and exercise. This will save you money as you will spend less on your health

39. Use Skype and an internet phone instead of a landline

40. Only use a dishwasher and washing machine when they are full

41. Use a detergent ball instead of detergent in the washing machine

42. If you travel internationally buy alcohol duty free

43. Hang wet clothes on hangers, you may not need to iron them afterwards

44. Recycle paper

45. Mend clothes instead of purchasing new ones

46. Start a book club to share books

47. Use a reusable water container instead of buying bottled water

48. Use water filters instead of bottled water

49. Bring your own shopping bags

50. Pay bills on time, so you don't pay late fees

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drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Hi, Anna - what a creative list of ways to save money - thank you.

I can take advantage of most but the tip about mending your own clothes - that will NOT work for me. I tried to darn a sock once and closed the hole in the sock successfully but the resulting clump of thread and stuff wouln't allow me to put on my shoe - the darned spot was way too big. Can't resist this - "Out, out, darned spot!" Sorry!

Maryanne Maguire profile image

Maryanne Maguire 6 years ago from Santa Monica, CA

GOod tips, thanks! Add:

WHo can't take 5-10 minutes to exercise after eating and do the dishes? Solution: wash dishes without the dishwasher. Clean & unplug the dishwasher and leave it.

fucsia profile image

fucsia 5 years ago

WoW!! These are advice all useful to me!! ( I am trying to save a looooot of money!! )


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