6 Simple Ways to Save Money in Your Daily Life

People are always looking for ways to save money.  Whether you're living on a budget, saving money for the future or just looking to have healthier spending habits, saving money doesn't have to mean big sacrifices.  One of the best ways to save money is to first discover what you're currently spending money on.  Write down every cent you spend for a week.  It seems like a tedious task, but at the end of the week, you might be surprised at how much money you're spending on things that aren't necessary.  It also helps you to become conscious of the money you're spending and you might learn to think twice about buying something you don't need.

At the end of the week, go over your list of spending and see if there are things you could cut out.  Here are some common ways that people spend money unnecessarily and ideas for alternatives.

  • Do you stop every morning on your way to work and pick up coffee?  This may not seem like a big expense, but when you add it up for the week, month, and year, you might be surprised what the total is.  Whether it's just regular coffee or expensive designer coffee, it can be a real budget killer.  Buy yourself a reusable thermal travel cup, make coffee at home and take it with you.

  • Do you leave the office and go out for lunch every day? Whether it's cafeteria food, fast food or a meal in a restaurant, eating out can get pricey. Pack a lunch instead of buying one - not only does it save you money, it could prevent you from making unhealthy food choices.

  • Do you buy snacks on the go? When you stop at the gas station, do you grab a bag of chips or a chocolate bar? Convenient store prices for these items are sky-high and can really eat into your budget. Carry snacks with you in your purse, briefcase or car, and have them available at work, too. This way, whenever hunger strikes, you don't have to head to a vending machine or convenience store because you'll be prepared. Things like fruit, raw veggies, granola bars, pretzels, and nuts make great snacks, and they're healthy options as well.
  • Do you spend a lot of money on bottled water?  Buy a Brita tap filter or pitcher and filter, along with a reusable bottle to put the water in, and you'll never have to buy bottled water again.  You can use the bottle around the house, take it on the road and even refill it at work.  Not only is this much cheaper (if you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, you could go through multiple cases of water each week), it's also better for the environment.

  • Do you spend a lot of money eating out because you think it's too time-consuming to cook meals?  Create a weekly meal plan, do one big grocery shopping trip for everything you need, and prepare meals ahead of time.  If you always have food on hand and know how it's going to be used each day, you can do the prep work ahead of time, or make entire meals and store them in containers in the fridge or freezer to pull out when you need them.  Making big meals that will guarantee leftovers is always a good idea because it means there will be a few nights each week where you don't have to cook.  For example, if you make a big stew in the slow cooker some morning before going to work, you not only won't have to worry about cooking once you get home, you'll have leftovers for later in the week, or you can freeze the leftovers and use them later in the month.  Slow cookers are great for stews, soups and some meats (whole chickens, roasts of beef or pork/ham).  With stews and soups, you can eat them right away, and if you're making something else, you can throw together a salad or steam some veggies and you have a quick, nutritious meal.

  • Do you find that you're paying a lot in banking fees each month?  Bank fees can range from simple usage fees to withdrawal fees to transferring fees to overdraft fees, and can add up substantially in the span of a month.  Use cash instead - it'll save you the bank fees, and you might learn to be more conscious about your spending habits.

These are just six ways to save money in your daily life, but there are dozens of ways to save money in small, simple ways that won't affect your quality of life or leave you feeling deprived.

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MsDonna48 profile image

MsDonna48 6 years ago

Great tips that I will be using. I especially like the tip concerning making a meal plan. I eat out to avoid having to cook and making a meal plan would be cost efficient and healthier. Thanks!

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thank you for the comment, MsDonna48, I'm so glad this hub was helpful for you! I do a meal plan and big grocery shop whenever I can and it definitely saves me a lot of time and money.

Tracy Gregory profile image

Tracy Gregory 6 years ago

Sweetmarie83, thanks for the great tips on how to save money. I am definitely guilty of picking up a cup of tea on my way to work, but I will dig up my old travel mug when I get home. You are right, saving doesn't have to mean big sacrifices!

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thanks for the comment, Tracy! I know a lot of people who stop every morning (or multiple times a day) for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc and have no idea that stuff like that really adds up and then they don't understand why they're always broke. It's not like you even have to go without if you make it yourself - it's so simple! :-)

profile image

Fay Paxton 6 years ago

Thanks for these great tips, Marie. I found a couple I'm going to put into action.

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

That's wonderful Fay, I'm glad I could help! Thank you for the comment!

profile image

kgxxxx 4 years ago

We (my daughter and I) started weekly menu planning and one trip to the grocery store each week. I dislike grocery shopping, so once a week is more than enough. We use a write on/wipe off board on the fridge to list the menu. We make the grocery list off the menu. After the meal is eaten, we wipe it off. If there are leftovers and we haven't planned another night to eat them, they go into lunch size containers for me. The item stays on the board with a number in parenthesis behind it (number of servings) until the item is gone. I take my lunch more often. When we get home, I don't have to decide what to make; it is on the board. We have cut at least 1/3 off our grocery bill. And my daugther loves to chastise me if I try to buy something that is not on the list!

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

That's fantastic! It's a huge monetary saver and time saver, and it takes a lot less effort to get organized than most people think. Good for you!

kgxxxx 4 years ago

For whatever reason, I fought menu planning initially. Didn't want to "get boxed in" or "lose any freedom". The first week was really hard; the second was half as hard. After 6 weeks, I am not sure how we managed without planning the menu. I don't feel boxed in, and have more freedom in the form of free time and money.

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Exactly. To so many people it seems like a strange concept, not only because they feel boxed in, but also because it seems like a lot of effort, but the rewards are undeniable. Less impulse buys at the grocery store, less chance of buying duplicate items that you forgot you already had at home, and no more sitting at work or home wondering what you can throw together for dinner. I think everyone should give it a shot - who doesn't want to save time and money, right?

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Ive started taking a hot flask to work and have been looking at Bento Boxes recently. They may cost a bit but the price from not buying dinner each day will well out weigh it

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Exactly! Sometimes you have to make a small investments in things like that, but they more than pay for themselves in the long run. Good for you!

Terence 4 years ago

Thank YOU SweetMarie83 for the information.the eating out thing as a college guy..is worse for me.... ill cut down now. thank you ^^

SweetMarie83 profile image

SweetMarie83 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

I'm glad you found this helpful, Terence! :-)

bharat 4 years ago

thankyou for tips

kelly 4 years ago

thanks for the tips!

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