6 Ways to Make Money with Twitter

6 Ways to Make Money with Twitter

1. Sale of users: I have read in some forums that there are people who want to buy this type of accounts. Users could even register certain keywords that may be of interest to some companies.

2. Sell advertising directly: There are no users with many followers who engage directly with brands to advertise on your schedule. We could even have sponsors that would be associated with your User and pay us to talk about their products or services.

3. Marketing of our services or products and personal brand online: Maybe this is the most common. We need to make known to potential customers want to buy our products and services. Many people have to approach us via Twitter, to offer a work placement on the web. If you wrote a book or sell housing, Twitter is another form of capitalization that is within our reach.

4. Improve the positioning online: Via Twitter, the faithful readers can achieve or increase our network. Thus, sharing with them our content, perhaps many of these readers are bound to your sites. More links means better placement, which translates into more visitors from search engines and more chances to make money through AdSense.

5. Sell advertising on our blogs: Having established a reputation and prestige among our followers, many of them may choose to invest in our blog, which is already known and valued, and not in others.

6. Offering products or promotions: We can use Twitter to offer our products or services at a special price. These discounts can reach the top very well. People are tempted to promotions. For example, we sell domains or issues unique to much lower prices.

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