9/11 and after

9/11 and after

Men sometimes stand innocent till they open their mouth and speak. This article was all set to wholly defend Tony Blair against ranting accusations against him, calling him war criminal, murderer of two millions innocent people and that in spite of his tossing in the world the alarming news that Saddam Husain was able to deploy nuclear weapons within 45 minutes of giving order till he said in his book ‘A Journey’, about Diana: “We were both, in our own way, manipulators.” The question was, if Diana was a manipulator, why Tony Blair was? He was Prime Minister of a country and she was a woman, harassed and in love and had some justification if at all she was a manipulator, to do that.

Reverend Father Frank Gelli in his Rant Number 409, 2 September 2010 says: ‘Tony Blair’s tasteless take on Princess Diana in his memoirs. Not quite right. Consider: a war criminal the poor Princess was not.’

But other comments on his book are rather hailing him, some sympathetic, some eulogising, but some are outright condemnation. Andrew Rawnsley of Observer writes: “Even when the lies are told in a noble cause; few politicians are honest enough to admit that they sometimes feel compelled to be deceivers.”

 Is it not like the quote of Sheikh Saadi RA?

Daroagh Maslahet Aamez Beh Ast, Uz Rasti Fitnah Angez.

Telling (innocent) lie is better than the truth filled with tussle and turmoil.

And Lionel Barber of Financial Times calls him: “.....................a brilliant modern politician................”

But Tony Blair is not quite exempt of blame from the death of Princess Diana, which is shrouded in the clouds of the unexplained. Dodi Al-Fayed and Diana both killed immediately and the embarrassment to the country about to surface was saved. Such excruciating clean doings are extreme in unexplained. If this marriage between Dodi Al-Fayed and Diana was going to go through, the future King of England was to have a far relation with some Egyptian and he not even of Royalty and therefore Diana was being bridled on the trusts of Tony Blair and he was the first top British.

As Prime Minister and politician he was to nurture people, set impeccable example of exemplariness, not manipulative discourses or dealings. But men sometimes arouse their feelings without sufficient justification; the 400 Irish men and women in Dublin hurling shoes and eggs on Tony Blair with yelling; ‘Hey, Hey Tony Hey! How many kids have you killed today?’ were doing the extreme in exfoliation?

They referred to the Iraq war in which Tony Blair was the active participant. But was he not justified to go for this war and even manipulate! He was taking on a tyrant and cleaning the theatre of the Middle East from a dynastical rule that was unholy that Saddam was creating, entrenched in tyranny, robbery of oil revenue, murder, persecution and war carried to the inside of the doors of the neighbour’s countries and using mustard gas. And it is a principle of the honourable to mount down in combat if the opponent is on foot and Umroo Bin Abdood did just that in the battle of Khandaq - the battle of trench. Hazrat Ali was on foot and Umroo dismounted to face the strike of Yadullah – the hand of God and died an honourable death. But here Saddam used a weapon against the Iranis which they did not possess and indiscriminately killed young Persian lads out of hate but died in the end an ignoble death. Saddam Husain killed 5000 Kurds in Halabja Iraq in 1988, by dropping mustard gas bomb on them because they cooperated with Iran in his unjust war against them.

Saddam Husain was killing his men because they were of a different faith to his own. The third generation of the Persian Shias in Iraq were looked at upon with suspicion and even as traitors. The Shia mothers were not allowed to go to seminaries in fear they will learn religion in depth and they would nurture and nourish the children with Shia ideology. And the minority Sunni class ruled the nation under these designs and protections. The Shia Aalim Mohammad Baqar As Sadr was killed by driving a nail in his head, because he had formed a political party which stood to defend the rights of the Shia majority in the country. And Saddam not only killed him but his sister also who could have carried the banner of Shia revolt against him. Never in the recent times was such a tyrant in power as Saddam. He was good for only a limited number who carried his faith and religion - the general Sunnis. He was enemy of the Shias and openly persecuted them. He considered the third generation Irani origin Shias in his country as anti regime and a threat to his rule. And as precursor against Shia power, he fed the terrorists of the interior Punjab in Pakistan and when the high in rank of them was invited to Iraq, he sent helicopter to Syria where the PIA landed and the terrorist leader was escorted to the capitol Baghdad to meet Saddam, who awarded him with watch bearing the figure of Saddam and Tasbeeh of black pearl for prayer and money to run terrorism against the Shias.

Mohammad Baqar Al Sadr was founder of ideological Islamic Dawa Party. He has written many books on economics, philosophy, logical foundation of induction and Islamic jurisprudence and these will have a great impact on thinking not only in the present day, but also in the future. He has done extensive research in the Islamic banking system which was introduced at the behest of the government of Kuwait for rewriting banking rules of that country. Mohammad Baqar As Sadr was ace Shia Aalim, a philosopher, economist and literalist and Saddam murdered him, because he stood against the regime’s Shia suppression. The brutal dictatorial regime of Saddam Husain, not only killed this Aalim after torturing him, it also executed his sister Ameena Sadr bint al Huda – a very learned scholar.

Saddam Husain while killing Ameena Sadr bint al Huda said: ‘He is not going to make a mistake like of Yazid; not killing Zainab and her publicising Karbala, bringing it in the limelight.’ And such was Saddam’s patronising of his minority from the seat of his rule that to this day they call him a great man, but others call him a dog. The hate of Saddam for the Iranis was so intense that he fired some 100,000 chemical shells in Iran in 1985-86 killing their largely teenage infantry, of course all the raw material – the chemical precursors were supplied by the Americans.

So Saddam’s atrocities exonerated both Bush and Blair from any blame. They had purged the world of the evil and that is the responsibility of the leaders with finger on the trigger. The stooges in Arabia who sit on the horde of black gold and encourage these persecutions should also be dealt with in the like manner and that is the justice of God. On the Eid day, 10 September 2010, after the Eid prayer at the Babul Murad Centre in London, one intellectual of the Shias in an informal corner discussion after the Namaz was discussing with the star lyric - the Salam and Manqabat reader Nisar Haider. He said he will not rest till he has taken Blair to court for war in Iraq and murdering two million innocent men and children. The war statistics of American sources say 55,000 insurgents were killed till August 2010 in Iraq, population displaced inside Iraq was 2,255,000 and Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan built up to 2.25 million. The BBC report says Iraqi civilian deaths in August to December 2003 were 11500, and in year 2006 -2007, there were 45000 deaths. And till 23 rd August 2010, 4420 US soldiers were killed and over 31926 seriously wounded and 900 billion dollars was spent by the US till September 2010.

The interesting phase of the discussion was; I walked in and joined the group and when I heard that vow, I said, ‘God will exonerate him from the blame in the hereafter’. The intellectual said if God will exonerate him he will lodge a complaint against God. So extremism had many forms and it was opium that some drank and got intoxicated. There are Shias including the Maulana category Shias who will oppose Zardari as the front line extremists and all their accusations were wordy with no substantiation. Generally it is said Zardari is corrupt and some waste time and energy discussing this non removable vice with no specifics against Zardari. And the world was not free of corruption; corruption is known to exist from the early days of Islam. The example of the third Caliph is there how he misappropriated the Baaitul Mal. And the best was to look for only the efficiency as the final outcome. If with corruption what they call misappropriation, gratification and commission, efficiency improves, then let it be one of the norms of practice and this is Taoist wisdom. However terrorism cannot be condoned, it is enemy of culture, economic progress and peace in the world and has to be fought against.

This incident of educated and intellectually gifted Shias fuming against the benefactor of the Shias of Iraq was the result of wrong perception. Bush and Blair were free of blame and of any accusations of initiating atrocity. What they did was they created that retaliation, called the Makafat-e Amal of Saddam. In God’s workshop all resource unthinkable by man are used for all different errands and their impact made lasting. And Tony Blair in most emphatic voice says: “He would have gone to war, WMD or not”.

The atrocities had touched the pinnacles of injustice and the deprivations of the majority population, the Shias of the God’s creation had reached to the limits in Iraq. And the agenda of majority democratic rule had to be implemented there. In this global world it is no more a distant and an unconcerned issue that injustices are inflicted in one corner of the world and the rest of the world not concerned with it and once it was in awareness of it, it was the moral duty of the world to take corrective steps. And as regards to the two million men killed if to attain a righteous objective a million men are sacrificed that is a little sacrifice. The Shurr or the evil must be smashed. The actions of Bush and Blaire and that of Saddam Husain each speak with their credentials and colours and Bush and Blair were the defenders of the people against the evil doer Saddam and his regime. And the combination of the name Bush and Blair sounds a harmony and an accord created by the Nature.

But their alliance also aroused hate and religious fervour against them. The statement Bush issued after one week of the September 9, 2001 attack by the terrorists was; “their government is determined to rid the world of the evil doers” and that: “this crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while.” This was enough of an excuse to label the fight against terrorism as the Christian crusade? And politics must be a very difficult trait. It would be easier to be a virtuous Aayetullah, but not an honest politician, because one has only not to indulge and the other to indulge and stay honest and the honesty of the politician will be always in question. But our President Bush was sometimes hit by the cow boy expressions, and though it was perfectly all right to use the word crusade but it was given a twist. Lo, the Christianity is waging war against Islam. This was unfair and the stand taken by the extremists taking aid of the expression was only to give them breathing space to regroup and reorganise.

‘Think Progress’ say - July 30th 2006: Chris Matthews at the conclusion of his Sunday morning talk show says: Iraq used to be “a country which has fought revolutionary Iran for eight years to a bloody standstill.” Now it is a “Shia dominated ally of Iran.”

The demography, the power centre in the Mideast and the politics in Iraq has changed. And this was Iraq’s necessity. And now two frontages; one the religious affinity with Iran and the second the military dominance of Iran have brought them close together. The Iraqi, Iranian and American studies have already proven that Iran had the ability to cause the surrender of Iraq while losing many more men in 1980 – 1988 Iran Iraq war. And Iran is stronger today.

Chris Matthews further says: “Two years ago King Abdullah of Jordan warned me of what was coming in the Mideast. His prediction was dead. He spoke of his fears and what the United States was doing in Iraq, toppling one government and electing another, was creating what he called a Shia Crescent, from Tehran, through Baghdad to Beirut. That threatened to dominate the Arab world challenging modern Sunni governments in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and others with an axis of Shia power based in Iran.”

And the objective of Bush and Blaire was to bring down Saddam regime and establish a democratic majority rule instead. But this was impetus to the rise of Shia power. And Shia power is now looming on the horizon, which is descending and spreading and is going to be much stronger and lasting than the Roman Empire or the Usmani Ottoman power. And the remarkable thing in this scenario is the strong leadership in Iran and it is the strong constitution of the country based on Wilayet-e Faqih - the rule of the jurisprudence that is the essence of the matter. And ultimately it is the strength of the revolution in Iran that after Aayetullah Khomeini, another Aayetullah Khomeini in the form of Aayetullah Khamenei has emerged and very likely there will be another to emerge.

And it is evident Iran is going to play a formidable role in the world with justice as their guiding principle. Justice is the fundamental principle of Shiaism and the power of Iran is not going to go off course with this virtue firmly entrenched in them. When Aayetullah Khomeini died he left in his Will not to abandon Justice, which they are adhering to. And already they have shown they can master technology as well besides enslaving purity and piety of ideas. And it was for them that the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW had said: ‘They will fetch knowledge even if it is on Surrayya’ – the cluster of seven stars in the Milky Way.

And the use of the phrase by President Bush in the state of the union speech on January 29, 2002; ‘Axis of evil consisting of North Korea, Iran, Iraq was aiming to threaten the peace of the world’, was really a manipulation. He had decided to engage in pre-emptive war in response to perceived threat, but the target was Iraq, and Iran and North Koreas were only bogies. And truly with Iran America wanted friendship, it was regional power and its friendship was to surmount Saudi Arabia which was waning. And what son was there who will not take revenge for the insult meted to his father. Saddam Husain had the face of Bush’s father etched and engraved on the floor in mosaic at the exit entrance of a prestigious building for it to be trampled with boots. And George W. Bush had the massive statue of Saddam Husain pulled down in Baghdad and its face beaten with shoes and the statue dragged on the street. And what ignobility! Saddam did not stand to fight, but ran with suitcase full of Dollars and hid in the hole in the underground where from he was hauled, humiliated and hanged.

And there in Afghanistan, the Taliban at last had got hold of entire Afghanistan. They ruled for five years till 2001, unfortunately their guest Osama Bin Laden knocked down the Twin Towers in the Times Square, but simultaneous with that in these five years they had done equally obnoxious and spectacular things matching to Saddam’s atrocities. They had knocked down their country’s biggest tourist attraction the statue of Buddha at Bamiyan, then outlawed education of women, and started the rigorous patrol to monitor the beard of men and any one with short beard was punished and sentenced. They banned television and started anti Shia anti Hazara programme and in Mazr-e Sharif alone they killed 8000 Shias by shooting in head and chest and at the testicles and raped young girls in Mazar-e Sharif and ordered book shops in Kabul to destroy anatomy books, since they carried naked pictures of men and women. In short they did all to destroy the culture of the West, if it had any traces in their country and not only that they lodged Bin Laden as guest who ran an elaborate anti American programme.

And the culture of the Taliban was they would knock at the Hazara – the Afghan Shia’s doors during their genocide of them and when they came out shoot them. One Taliban killed Hazara of 28 houses. In two houses when he knocked the residents came out and as usual he shot them as well but they were Pashtoon. Now the Taliban came to know of it and became worried to death that he will not go to heaven because he had killed Pashtoon in two houses. And all his earning of Sawab of killing Hazara of twenty eight houses he feared was washed off, because of that unfortunate thing.

And when Americans demanded the handover of Bin Laden to them, they said it was against their principles to hand over guests, and the speed was surprising at which Bush and Blair moved their forces and their fleet started bombarding Afghanistan in a flash and Bush quickly declared victory which was though farfetched. Battles can be won but not the minds. For that the wholesome and respectable ideology has to replace decadent ideology. The Shiaism has to replace the Sunniism. We have seen for the last 1400 years Sunniism has been failing the Ummah and they have failed to that extent that they produce human bombers from their Madressahs, and in a nutshell Sunniism is: ‘Quran is enough for our guidance’ - the slogan was given by Hazrat Umar who is the Qibla of the Sunniism and the twelve Imams of the House of the Prophet SAWW who have been identified by the Prophet SAWW as the true guide are rejected by them, not needed to them.

And as far as Bin Laden was concerned there have been reported denials and admittances of him of his being behind the attack on the twin towers. But Imtiaz Alam Chairman SAFMA – South Asia Free Media Association says it is proved that Al-Qaida had links with the 9/11 attack. But if you will ask Munauwar Hasan, the Ameer Jamat-e Islami he will say Al-Qaida had no link with the 9/11 and it was staged by the Jewish lobby (Front Line TV talk show of 11.9. 2010 conducted by Karman Shahid). And the radical Islamists would like to advance that theory on several evidences including the style of the collapse of the towers that the explosives were planted in the building vulnerable points to bring it down, but obviously it is a wild guess. A fair number of Jews, estimated at 400 to 500, 15 to 17 % of all those killed are said to have perished in the tower on that day. But still the staunch Muslims believe the attack was planned and executed under Israeli conspiracy but the earlier 1998 Al-Qaida bomb attack on the American Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and the later failed attempts by the Muslim Terrorists in Manhattan, standing a truck with explosive there, suggest there was an all along plan and effort by them to do what happened with the world trade centre and it was easy to hijack in those days. Not much security measures were taken by the domesticated Air Line in the internal flights in America.

So a guilt done and surreptitiously prided at and certainly rejoiced at the disaster that happened was no way to claim of cultural supremacy of Islam over Christianity or over any other religion. The attitude of our intellectuals has to change and reform on the internal front taken. The Taliban and the Al-Qaida types have to mend their minds and they must return from the wilderness to civilization. Every human born has a right to live and progress and the way of it is not dictated by Islam.

And talking of Blair’s phraseology of manipulation, he was not the only one and as if it was the need of the day. George W. Bush after 9/11 in his state of the Union address had assaulted three states in his Texas metaphors that the axis of evil consisted of North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and they were aiming to threaten the peace of the world. But his central target among them was Iraq and he had already decided for a pre-emptive war in response to perceived threats against Iraq. And the reason was not the minor violation of the of its keeping missiles exceeding the UN sanctioned ranges of approach by them, but that picture of his father’s face formed in Mosaic on the entrance of the building where it was trampled by the boots. And woe to a son who will tolerate the denigration of his fathers’ image while he has all the power at his fingers’ tips to wrench revenge for it. And the invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2010.

The central characters emerging out of the 9/11 were Bush and Blair and together they shook the world and of these both are orators and truly ought to be called those who together changed the world. And Anthony Charles Lynton ‘Tony’ Blair graduate from Oxford in 1976 and Barrister from Lincolns Inn was the youngest Prime Minister of Great Britain from 2 May 1997 to 27 January 2007 and he looked groomed and tidy and best dressed when he received Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House from President George Walker Bush and Bush was residing in best flashes of courtesy and appreciation when he applauded for Blair and Bush always immaculately dressed and always neatly groomed with fresh face and a smile sitting on the lips and who says the world does not like him and them.

Blair is a man of literary capability and an orator with catchy phrases of such expressions as: “It’s a great country and they know it.” Speaking of the power of his country and yet a man of unassuming looks, Anthony Seldon on the title page of his book Blair put his face with hair ruffled and not a drop of oil in the scalp and face dry without any moisturizer on it. That even an Aayetullah cannot neglect with their spirituality far higher and Blair any comparison to it. But there were days when Tony Blair at Oxford University cared about his public appearance of which he cares little now and most only about world politics. The trait of an Aayetullah is different, he is uniform all along and it is the gift of the spirituality and not the self turned to dedicated politics only.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


15 September, 2010



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