A List of Bipolar Scholarships

Are you ready to apply for a Bipolar scholarship and attend college?
Are you ready to apply for a Bipolar scholarship and attend college?

Don't Let Bipolar Disorder Stop YOU From Attending College!

Looking for Bipolar scholarships? Individuals with Bipolar Disorder face more challenges than the typical college student, but that doesn't mean they should give up on earning a degree! Numerous scholarships for Bipolar students are available, and I'll show you where to apply.

Lilly Reintegration Scholarship

The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship covers the cost of tuition, books, and lab fees for students diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or various forms of schizophrenia.  Applicants must currently be receiving medical care for their condition(s) and be involved in rehabilitative activities such as volunteer work or part-time employment.

American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD)

The AAHD offers a yearly scholarship of $1000 or less for students with a documented disability, either physical or mental.  A preference is given to applicants majoring in public health, disability studies, health promotion or a field related to disability and health.


Incight offers a $750 scholarship to students with a documented disability.  The scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years.

Bank of America ADA Abilities Scholarship

Bank of America offers annual scholarships of up to $5000 for individuals with a documented disability (physical or mental).  Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 or higher, be under the age of 40, reside in a state where Bank of America is located, and plan on pursuing a degree in finance, business, or computer systems with the goal of obtaining a career with a banking institution.

The Bipolar Lives Scholarship

The Bipolar Lives Scholarship is privately funded by Sarah Freeman, a website owner who was upset about the lack of resources available for individuals diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  Applicants must be college students at least 21 years of age, and the winner will receive a $1000 cash scholarship.  The official rules state that "the award will be made to the person who most eloquently communicates important information about bipolar disorder".

The Charles A. Olayinka Scholarship

The Charles A. Olayinka Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship for individuals with Bipolar Disorder.  Applicants must be currently enrolled, or plan on enrolling, in a United States College, and under the care of a licensed mental health professional.

The Google Lime Scholarship

The Google Lime Scholarship is a $10,000 award for disabled junior or senior college students majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (related fields will also be considered).

DisABLED Persons Scholarship

DisABLED Persons offers annual scholarships of up to $750 for individuals with physical or mental disabilities.  Applicants must be full-time students (12 credit hours).

American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) Scholarship Program

The AAHD offers an annual scholarship of $1000.  Applicants must be high school graduates with a documented disability.

Last Words

If you have Bipolar Disorder, you are eligible for a plethora of scholarships and grants. It is important to remember that Bipolar Disorder is often considered a mental disability; in addition to financial awards targeted specifically towards your condition, you are eligible for scholarships for disabled students.  Many colleges offer their own awards for disabilities, so be sure to check with the financial aid office at the school(s) you attend.  Good luck with your applications!

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World-Traveler profile image

World-Traveler 6 years ago from USA

This is incredible. I did not know that such scholarships existed. This is a wonderful idea. There could be other scholarships for a wide range of illnesses and disabilities. Thank you for the information.

Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace Author

Thanks, World-Traveler. I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

amandaslatham profile image

amandaslatham 6 years ago from Salina, KS

I never knew that this "problem" i have been dealing with for so many years actually has a plus side of helping me through college!!

Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace Author

Absolutely, Amanda! Bipolar Disorder can be a mixed blessing! Personally, I have found that the manic side can help you write excellent college essays and stay up late cramming for tests. :)

Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Wow! You really did your research. I had no idea so much is now available. Looks like I'm going to be posting about this on my health blog. Thanks for making me aware of these great opportunities!

Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace Author

Thanks, Denny! What is the link for your health blog? I would love to check it out!

dswan9 profile image

dswan9 6 years ago from Amsterdam and London

Hi Sunny, Do you have more information on bi polar disorder, I am trying to diagnose myself and I am not to sure I have that or ADD....

Tankadin profile image

Tankadin 5 years ago

This is a great hub! Thanks for the information. I will be sending this to someone who needs this assistance and will be very grateful.

Mother of Zeno profile image

Mother of Zeno 4 years ago from Central Valley California

So all of these parties want you to be under medical care? I know it sounds naïve, but I am sort of iffy about trusting doctors, and I feel like it's not fair to demand that someone is medicated or getting help...I mean I understand the liability issues with mania and whatnot, but what if somebody is seeking homeopathic care? Just a thought.

Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 4 years ago from Cyberspace Author

Mother of Zeno - all of the ones I've found want that. I take a holistic approach to certain ailments and conditions myself, so I understand your concern. However, most people aren't fans of the holistic way of life, so they're probably worried that anybody who is bipolar and not receiving treatment can't handle college. I have a friend who has been told not to work or go to school for at least a year due to bipolar. I'm just guessing, though - I don't know why they require treatment. It probably also helps them document it - otherwise, anybody could lie and say they're bipolar just to get the scholarship.

Mother of Zeno profile image

Mother of Zeno 4 years ago from Central Valley California

Thanks for the insight, I think I am probably going to look into these scholarships, because I am ready to go to college, but I cannot afford it. Great topic!

Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 4 years ago from Cyberspace Author

You're welcome, Mother of Zeno. Good luck, and come back and let me know if you end up getting any of the scholarships. That would be awesome if somebody got a bipolar scholarship from reading this article.

Farhana Rahman 4 years ago

Thank you Hub for your valuable notice.I've completed my Hon's(LL.B.,CGPA-3.48) & Masters degree(LL.M. appeared) from Stamford University of Bangladesh,also a student of University of London,international program Hon's(LL.B. 1st year) .And appeared in the exam to be an Advocate,also attended several workshop on concerning legal matters.Whether i am eligible for a scholarship at UK or USA or German or Australia or Japan and how ?

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Thank you.

DemetriaL. 4 years ago

I knew everybody started creating scholorships, but i never thought they created them for people like me, but I'm wanting to get them before i graduate from highschool, so then I could do my phlebotomy and radiology college classes, and I really don't have money in my back yard, nor am I craping out hunred dollar bills, and i don't think I could make 10,100 dollars in less then three months... What all scholarships could I even aqualify for between ethnicy and health (mentally and physically?)

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