Amazon Movies and Television - Shipped Fast to APO FPO DPO

The differences between Amazon's movie sections - and that small shelf of movies at your overseas exchange - go like this:

  • Inventory. The long tail of the Internet (which just means a whole lot of stuff sold by one store) allows Amazon to have a much larger inventory than any physical store is capable of handling. Of course you could fill a warehouse with DVDs and Blu-rays, and put a brick storefront in front of it - but the business model wouldn't work - because they only way a large inventory can sell is with a virtual, digital cash register.
  • Much lower prices. Do your own price comparisons to confirm, but I did it recently with The Grey (2012, Liam Neeson), and without listing specific prices - Amazon beat exchange prices, hands down. The movie is one of the new combo versions containing a Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and a fourth newfangled UltraViolet-something-edition (comment below if you know what this, I don't) - all in one cool package - and for one low price (at Amazon).
  • Faster availability. You can watch new releases faster at the house by buying at Amazon in a number of interesting ways. New releases show up at Amazon much faster than at your exchange, and additionally, if you're in the field, traveling or on TDY - you can pre-order movies that you know will soon be released (click on the Pre-Order button as soon as it shows up at the movie page at Amazon) - and your movies will order themselves and be waiting in your community mailroom apobox when you arrive home.

To reiterate my main Amazon theme, Amazon has warehouses pre-positioned close to major airport hubs on both coasts - east and west - which means you can get your stuff yesterday (not literally). Bottom line, you can definitely get it in a number of days.

A note on the Amazon Instant Video policy: There's nothing stopping Amazon from associating your APO FPO or DPO address with an Amazon Instant Video purchase and download. Their stated policy is that your computer IP address identifies you as living in a foreign country, which precludes the download. If you don't agree with the policy, go to the Amazon Instant Video Facebook Page - and tell them like it is. Everyone knows the fastest way to get a customer service response these days is via Facebook.

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