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Normally, you buy postage stamps at your local Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO). But, if you think outside of the box a bit, buying stamps at Amazon might be faster than buying locally, and it's definitely faster than purchasing your stamps at, which is odd when you stop to think about it - APO/USPS, same business entity, aye.

When I say "faster," buying at Amazon essentially amounts to a time-saver:

  • Say, for example one of your children joins a US military service and you're stuck communicating via snail mail (writing a lot of letters).
  • You're also stuck working on one of those overseas bases that is spread out throughout a German, Japanese or Korean city. You know, like "Patrick Henry Village and your Community Mailroom is over there" - "the PX Kaserne is over here" - and you live "on the economy" - not exactly the epitome of convenient shopping.
  • You usually buy a book or two of stamps every time you visit your APO, but suddenly you run out of stamps, and ask yourself, "Hmm, do I make the 10-kilometer drive to the APO? Or do I click on over to Amazon to stock up on a few books of stamps?"

So. That's when Amazon comes in and saves you the long drive.

And, this little trick also works in places where they run out of stamps - like down range.

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