Adsence or Google Adsense - the best way to make money online

Make Money online with Google Adsence
Make Money online with Google Adsence

What is adsence?

To the uninitiated, Google AdSence may be defined as one of the most productive ways for small and medium site or blog owners to make money online by having relevant, contextual, unobtrusive ads from Google AdWords and receiving a percentage of the pay-per-click payment. Google AdWords is Google's own advertising program.

If the ads are particularly relevant to what the visitors to your site are searching for, the results and earnings can understandably be much better and lot more than what you would possibly earn from banner networks and many other ad programs.

Making Money with Adsence - How to get started?

It is quite simple and free to join AdSence and it does not involve any investment from your side at all. All that you need to do is to paste a few lines of code or your unique publisher id into your web pages. Google assumes the responsibility for finding the most appropriate and relevant ads from millions of AdWords advertisers.

Meet an AdSense Publisher: Tim Carter

Step by step procedure

  • Visit Google Adsence
  • Submit the application form duly filled-in and confirm the email message you will receive from Google. Regardless of the number of sites you own, a single application should suffice.
  • Google will thereafter verify your site and revert to you with an email message within a couple of days.
  • Once you are accepted, you can straightaway log in to your AdSence account.
  • You may log in to your account using the same email address and password that you originally submitted and confirm your acceptance of the AdSence Terms and Conditions.
  • Thereafter, paste the AdSence ad code into your Web pages. There are around 10 ad layout choices of varying sizes. In addition to text ads, you also have the choice of running contextually targeted image ads.
  • You can also select the color palette from a long list of available palettes or even develop one to your own liking.
  • Please know that the AdSence ad code is unique for your account and is not site/page-specific. Thus you may use it on any page or site you own.

How to get maximum benefits?

Here is a proven method to derive maximum benefits with Google Adsence:

  • Create more keyword-focused pages to augment traffic.
  • The best way to increase your earnings is to prominently display AdSence ads that are of eye-catchy design. In fact, Google recommends that ads in the skyscraper format on the right side of the page are most productive.
  • Focus on only one topic per page as that would facilitate Google to serve up the more relevant contextual ads which will result in better earnings.
  • Finally, to make more money with adsence, you must enhance the value of clicks. This obviously you cannot do it directly. All you can do is to find some profitable keywords and create pages specially optimized for them – of course without deviating from your site or blogs' theme.

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smartrich22 profile image

smartrich22 5 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

Hi Sun..

I've been working with Google adsense for almost 1 year, and so far I think it's the best to get online revenue for publishers...

Karina 5 years ago

Hey Sweety!!

I would like to say "Making Money with Adsence - How to get started?"

Here, Adsence suppose to be AdSense.

good luck!

darklion profile image

darklion 5 years ago

ad sense is ad sense whats funny money making system i name its ATM MACHINE OR DOLLAR FACTORY

inptisto profile image

inptisto 6 years ago

Thank you

Vitaly Tennant 6 years ago

good though, thanks for sharing the info

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 6 years ago from Alabama

This is a very informative. Thank u

Janna Jones profile image

Janna Jones 6 years ago

I have had adsense for a while, have not seen any income, however, I will keep trying. Thank you for the great information. jj

sudeep13582 profile image

sudeep13582 6 years ago from Howrah

great thinking... superb.. here is to learn something...

adsence give more rate perclick than adsense... thats why you used it...

douglas11 profile image

douglas11 6 years ago from Decatur Il

great hub thanks for the information

kailaschozhan profile image

kailaschozhan 6 years ago from Chennai

You are cent percent right and You can have real ideas to catch people like me. Thanks for your information about make money online from home through Ad pulishing programs.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

Hubs sujch as this one are priceless . Thank you so much for sharing. I am now looking forward to reading more of your work.

I am bookmarking this for easy reference.

Take care Sunseven.

nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 6 years ago from India

Thanks for a nice hub.

Neverbetter profile image

Neverbetter 6 years ago from Albany, NY

Great hub, is very helpful to new Adsense publishers who are not familiar with the program. I'll be following your hubs :)

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England

Thank you SunSeven, i found your Hub very useful :)

nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 6 years ago from India

Very informative hub, thanks for sharing.

carlos 6 years ago

paying my mortgage with adsense each month so it works

MakeMoneyGoal profile image

MakeMoneyGoal 6 years ago from Edinburgh

do you think that anyone can still make money using AdSense. My experience is you need a LOAD of traffic to do so and most people can't get to that level.

snagerries profile image

snagerries 6 years ago from Singapore

Hi Sunseven.. I have followed you very recently and found out that your hubs are very interesting and full of great information. Greatly inspired by you, I have also started writing hubs on frequent basis and that too on varied topics I am hoping to be as successful as you are.



ludmilla701 profile image

ludmilla701 6 years ago from U.A.E.

I'm not sure adsence is as profitable as affiliate marketing.

Just my opinion.

boyjyoti profile image

boyjyoti 6 years ago

That is a very informative article. Can you elaborate what are 'profitable keywords'. Also don't you think the keywords that are very much in demand do not place our site in good place in google or any search? So is there any use designing pages around the keywords that are very much in demand?

onlinecashdigest profile image

onlinecashdigest 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Maybe you have intentionally misspelled Adsense into Adsence huh! :) now thats keyword research.

calicoaster profile image

calicoaster 6 years ago

Adsence!!..Does it have something to do with the keyword search?? I have seen in keyword tools that people put wrong spellings while searching on google. Funny thing is there are so many thousands of people searching the same misspelled word. BTW, nice information. I bet, at least the newbies who still are trying to figure out the spelling of 'Adsense', would definitely land first on this page. And I feel this might be the complete intention of writing this hub, seeing the information and elementary steps you have mentioned here!! :D..Great Job and All the best!!

How to - Answers profile image

How to - Answers 6 years ago from Ireland

Very informative hub, thanks. Yes I do believe Google AdSense is a very good way of making money online. And as you say once you sign up it is easy to add the adverts to your Blogs

SunSeven profile image

SunSeven 6 years ago from Singapore / India Author

Thanks John. But that was intentional.

Best Regards

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

Your tips and directions were great. I found your hub very useful. Thanks.

aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

AdSense..... not Adsence....


rizwan_isria profile image

rizwan_isria 6 years ago from India

Nice and You can see mines too in a same niche

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