Advice from a simple man – - Series #3 - Credit Bureau Report

This is the third article in a series that attempts to give common sense and advice in a crazy world.

“Check you Credit Bureau report for each of the three main bureaus every single year”


It easy and will not cost you a penny if you go to the right site. is the site, do not go others with a similar name, they are run by companies that will give you a free report but only if you buy another product from them. will transfer you the Bureau that you choose, this will either be Equifax, Experian or TransUnion. You can request all 3 reports for free in a given 12 month period.


Once on the bureau sites they will take your information and give you the basic report. This will show your trade lines and general status of your report. They will also make you offers to buy products and sell you credit scores. You are not obliged to buy any of there products, you can take the free report and walk away.


I will typically pull 1 report every 4 months and cycle between the 3 bureaus, they do report slightly different information, but gives you a good overview and will highlight any strange or suspicious entries on your report.

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Quilligrapher profile image

Quilligrapher 7 years ago from New York

Good advice. I download a report every 4 months, read it carefully, check it for acuracy, and take immediate action to remove any and all errors.

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