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Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a system of revenue sharing between a person who sells a product and many agents (affiliates) who are responsible for raising customers. For example, the site sells Elegant Themes for Wordpress themes and has an affiliate system. The affiliate would send them new customers, receive 50% of each sale. Thus, anyone can make money without even having its own products to sell.

How does it work?

Each affiliate has a unique code to use to promote their site or product. This code must be placed on the websites of affiliated (or mail). If a visitor arriving at the site through my affiliate code, it is recorded that the client belongs to me. If the customer make a purchase, I'll get my share. The information is recorded for a while in the visitor's computer, in case you come back later.

In addition to the link with the affiliate code, it is normal to have promotional material varied, such as texts, newsletters and banners of various formats. Each affiliate program has its specific rules on the methods of promoting the affiliate can use. Sending mail and the purchase of keywords are not always allowed.

The payment?

An affiliate program can pay a percentage of the sale, a fixed amount per sale, a fixed amount per share or a fixed amount per click. An action may be filling out a form to request more product information, log on to a website, etc ... It is called this a "lead". The e-commerce sites often pay a percentage of sales, while other types of sites to work more on the leads.

Very few affiliate programs that pay per click. Some use a combination of pay per click and commission per sale, but usually we are obliged to maintain a minimum rate of conversions.

Affiliate Network

With the popularity of affiliate systems on the Internet, the need to organize themselves into networks. In this way a webmaster can find many large membership in the same place, and who wants to sell a product can easily find many webmasters interested in promoting it.

The affiliate networks are companies that do not sell products directly but makes the management of affiliates for many other companies. Through a common control panel and a single payment, we can be affiliated to a wide variety of brands, telecommunications, insurance car.

Affiliate Managers

All affiliate networks have large employee in charge of managing and communicating with affiliates. The role of manager is to help affiliates make more sales and verify that they meet the program rules. There are affiliate managers who only try to convince us to promote their products, while others are actually helpful to make more money in their network. It is always helpful to have personal contact at least one person in each network we use.

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