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Many people think of low-income, affordable apartments as crummy little hovels that are one step above life on the streets. Well, have I got news for you, some of these places are very nice and include luxury apartments in the very heart of Manhattan.

A friend of mine just moved yesterday. She is 77 and she moved into a senior citizens low income apartment that I had recommended two years ago. She is on social security and had never lived in a low income apartment before. I told her about them because when I was a single mother I had lived in a low income apartment while attending college. I have nothing but fond memories of those apartments. They were located right next to the college (so close that I could walk to class) and soon all of my college friends were in the complex as well (good news travels fast when I'm around :). My rent was $125.00 dollars a month. Now that was 25 years ago but still quite a bargain anyway you look at it. My friend's apartment costs her $387.00 per month. Her apartment includes ALL utilities, a balcony, a garden, a gym, they allow pets and even have a little general store on the premises.

I am writing because many people are unaware that apartments like these even exist. There are apartments for senior citizens and apartments that are just generically low income. Some private building owners in luxury apartments do this so that they can get a tax break. One program is called the 80/20 program because 20 percent of the building occupancy has to be low income. In New York that means that you can rent a LUXURY apartment that would normally rent for $2,500 for as little as $100.00 dollars a month! Yes, I said ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS a month! I personally know someone who has an apartment like this. Every single state has apartments like these. There are different income requirements for each state and each program. Each program is different, so you have to do your research and find out which apartments would fit your circumstances. It usually takes about 2 years after getting on the list to actually get the apartment and in some cases if you make too much money you will not qualify. In some cases if you make too little money you will not qualify so do your homework and find out which apartments could work for you. All of the rent in low income apartments are based on your income, so the rents can change, they can go up and they can also go down but rarely (in fact I've never heard of this before) will someone be asked to leave because they are making too much money after they qualified initially. We should all have that problem!

As more and more people who were working class slip into poverty these apartments can be the difference between having a decent place to live and living with your sister, her husband and their three kids or even worse homelessness. So if you know someone who could benefit from these apartments call your local HUD and find out where they are and for goodness sake GET THEM ON THE LIST!

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This is the Apartment Complex that my friend paid $100 per month for...

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Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 5 years ago from trailer in the country

great article...thanks for the information...

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

Thanks Enlydia

Nan Mynatt profile image

Nan Mynatt 5 years ago from Illinois

Brie I am aware of the low cost housing in some cities, thank you for bringing this out to our hubbers. When you are on Social Security you don't have much money and they need to still have decent surroundings. People need help.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

Yes, I know...like my friend that I referred to in the article. A lot of people are not aware of these programs, especially if they have been middle class there whole lives. So it's important to spread the word. This woman didn't know about them until I suggested it to her. She is so happy now. And, I am happy for her. But, it takes a while to get these apartments which is why you have to get your name on the list asap.

Thanks for writing

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Brie, the apartment looks wonderful. I am so pleased you were able to help your friend in this way. I bet she is thrilled!

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

Absolutely thrilled. And it's nice that I don't have to worry about her either!

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Great stuff,thanks for sharing.

Mimi721wis profile image

Mimi721wis 5 years ago

Brie you make me want to sell my house. The apartments in the photo are beautiful.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

Well, I did write a hub on the myth of home ownership! :)

Not all of the apartments are as nice as this one, they vary. The one I had in California was very basic but cheap and clean and safe. Besides, you have to be low-income, you have to qualify.

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 5 years ago

A useful hub. keep writing my friend.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

Thanks, I'm glad you think so.

SallyTX profile image

SallyTX 5 years ago from Only In Texas!

Terrific news! :)

Arthur vela 5 years ago

I fill sorry for all seniors including my self,because there is no much life to be enjoyed.I am struggling today.my retirement income is not sufficient to afford to live in a community I like. If I apply, I don't know what to do.there must be a paper works to do.please help!

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

Do you have a neighbor or friend that can help you with the paperwork?

Donal Kinsella 5 years ago

"25 years ago" wow you look about 25yr old now, I guess cosmetic surgery is very affordable also!

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 5 years ago from Manhattan Author

I was 46 or 47 when that picture was taken and no plastic surgery!

CarolK-LV 4 years ago

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Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 4 years ago from Manhattan Author

Try refreshing your computer CorolK-LV.

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