Agencies To Help Me Pay My Rent

If you are looking for agencies to help pay my rent you will have several options. Many of us struggle to make our bills each month. If you do not have the money to make your bills each month, you may qualify for various government programs that help those in need, so they don’t end up homeless. If you don’t qualify for the government’s financial aid programs you may still be able to get assistance in paying your rent. There are many agencies that will help you.

Government programs

There are many financial assistance programs available through Federal, state and local agencies. Many of the programs have different requirements to qualify. Some require low income, while others help support single parents, both mothers and fathers. To find the agencies to help pay my rent, you need to visit your local courthouse. They will be able to steer you in the right direction and get you started. Expect to fill out many applications for assistance. It may not be easy, but it is very likely to get you the financial assistance you need.

If you don’t qualify for help from the agencies to help pay my rent, you may qualify for other financial assistance programs. They can free up enough money to make your mortgage, lease payment or other financial obligations you may have.

Local options

If there aren't any government programs or agencies to help pay your rent, you will still have many different options. Listed below are some of the options you may want to keep in mind.

Local churches: many local churches will help you pay your rent if you are a member of your congregation. Unlike government agencies, churches typically don’t have financial guidelines you need to follow. Just about any member of the congregation can qualify for help if they’d just ask for it.

Local civic groups: there are many civic groups that will offer assistance in paying your rent, mortgage, or other monthly bills and obligations. Try your local elks club, or other local agencies that are non-profit in your area. By sticking with nonprofit agencies you have a better chance of success. Many of these nonprofit groups do charity work.

Friends and family: if you cannot find agencies to help you pay your rent, you may want to try to get to your friends or family to assist you. It’s never easy to ask for help, but it could be the difference between keeping your home, and becoming homeless.

Additional Options

You might want to consider something along the lines of the Salvation Army to find assistance in paying your rent this month. There are other charitable groups that may be able to provide similar assistance as well.

Self-help options

If time allows, rather than looking for agencies to help you pay your rent, you may be able to assist yourself. If you have unwanted items, sell them on online sites or hold a garage sale. You can also try earning additional income through a second job or other venture. If you are denied assistance from agencies to help pay my rent, you must take action into your own hands.

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Karen Tellier 5 years ago

Just a mother reaching out for some hope.. I have three wonderful sons..

It would take soo long to express all that has happen.. So i will just add between raising three sons on my own.. My marriage ended 5 years ago... He took it all.. It has been very hard... We were robbed.. I was hurt.. I lost everything.. Holding on to my home of 14 years has now come to an end.. I had it in a short sale.. And the Bank flew in an grabbed it right out of escrow.. (B OF A) My buyers were everything.. Now we must move .. Three weeks.. Under pressure here.. My account is near empty.. I had not expected this.. My buyers had a place for me if they received my home.. I have nothing now.. I really need prayers and help..In every way..

I need help packing.. moving and enough to get into a place.. I need time to heal.. My back and my leg.. Left side.. This is not fun at 116 degree weather in our Desert Cities... If your able then please call.. 760 832-3803.. Karen is my name.. I will provide you with all means truth on paper and through people that know me as a good mother and friend..I was born in our Desert Cities.. But i try to protect my sons from any hurt.. Soo just call if you could assist...Time is very important.. The fact that i am still healing i really need a few strong people to help me pack and move.. I do need $$ Cash as a loan if need be.. I will sign what ever it takes.. Some fear has not affected me.. I never new a bank could do this.. But they did..Thank you.. Karen

karen tellier 5 years ago

please remove this...

Ron 4 years ago

I need help with house payment and bills immediatly!

jose guzman 4 years ago

I need help to pay my rent and my bills right now.

janet bell 4 years ago

i need help paying my rent I don't have anyone I can turn to when I need help. I work everyday but I am not making enough money to pay all of my bills. I have a portion of my rent iam in need of$250.00 ican be reached at(734)334-0173.

joseph fraklin kn 4 years ago

I presently am collecting SSD,I'am on a fixed income,I need names of organizeations that i cancontact via internet to help me pay some of rent please,thank you. joe baronet

jo baronet 4 years ago

Iam still waiting for a answer

jo baronet 4 years ago

if i iam bed redden or not mobile,what agentcies can i fill out form through E-MAIL,for rental help and meals.

pam swink 3 years ago

i need help paying my rent each month . thank you pam swink my address is 1228south 900east salt lake city utah 84105

Wiley chance 2 years ago

I'm 60 yrs old I'm stuck in Macon ga. sleeping in my car no food in the last two days i need 150.00 to get to where i can get some help 912 293 9260 thanks Wiley

Wiley chance 2 years ago

I'm 60 yrs old I'm stuck in Macon ga. sleeping in my car no food in the last two days i need 150.00 to get to where i can get some help 912 293 9260 thanks Wiley

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