Apps That Pay You for Buying Groceries

Who Can't a Little Help With the Grocery Bill?

There's no such thing as "extra money". It's all spent before I even get it home.
There's no such thing as "extra money". It's all spent before I even get it home. | Source

Get Paid for Grocery Shopping!

New phone Smartphone apps are coming out every day, with nearly a million of them on the markets at present. They can do the most amazing things; everything from games and identifying your thumbprint to starting your car for you.

It only makes sense that developers would begin making them for things that aid us in every day life, and some of them are truly magic; many of them even help us save money, but the apps this writer likes best are the ones that make money for the user.

Before going any further, it’s important to say that not all of the following apps are configured for both Mac and PC, so read the specs if you decide to try one out.

Apps That Pay Go Ka-Ching!

One such app is called, “Ibotta,” and it has great rewards for buying items people use every day. It isn’t to promote unknown brands or products that don’t sell well, but to promote many well-known brands and give us a reason to do it again. For instance, one day the deal was any brand of soda pop in a box of 12 cans and the reward was $1. One simply takes a photograph of the item with the receipt for it included, and then emails it to Ibotta. Ibotta checks the receipt and sends money to your Paypal account.

“InboxDollars” is another good one but you need to access it by both computer and phone. Your computer is required to access the great manufacturer’s coupons to print out, and you buy the product and use the coupon. Then, you get on the app in your phone and fulfill the requirements for InboxDollars to give you around a buck (it differs) back. When you’ve got $20 accumulated, they pay you.

Smartphone Apps Are Abundant; Get the Apps That Pay

There’s a fun one called, “Scantopia,” and it turns your phone into a barcode scanner. You go through and scan your items and it asks you if X is your item and you click YES, if it is. Sometimes it’ll say it doesn’t recognize the product and ask you to enter it. This is always a good idea because it scores you more money if you do it, so take the few seconds and enter the information. Scantopia gives you rewards of it’s own currency, which you can use to save and purchase items later, and it also offers cash. It gives a nice welcome by giving you a dollar just for signing up, too. After each scan entered, it shows that particular product’s reward, like Scantopia currency or real cash. Sometimes you get a lot, sometimes you get a little, but it all adds up the same.

There are so many of these types of apps out now, so one can pretty much choose any they like. Or, one could choose them all and scan their barcodes and send in receipts and get rewards from all of them!

Do a search on your favorite search engine, or, check all the major SEs because they often have listings that other search engines may not have.

One more thing - remember that many stores have double-coupon days and accept competitor’s coupons, so you can save gas and double your discounts if you plan it right.

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