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Free Stuff

We have all seen those pop up adds and sidebar adds saying get a Free Xbox, Ipad etc. When You click on them you realize that you have been dooped. They want you to complete several offers in a tier like succesion. Such as complete 4 Gold offers, 3 Siliver etc. Well I came across a website that is very unique. They acutally have auctions for FREE Stuff . Ever recieve a gift from a well meaning loved one and thought what am I going to do with that. Well on this site you can list it and people bid on it with credits which are given to you as soon as you join. Of course the more credits you have the better. You will have many opportunities to get more credits.

Just in the last few days I was able to take some items I had laying around the house and earned over 2000 credits. I plan with these credits to get Stocking Stuffers for Xmas for all 3 of my children.

Of course you could use these credits to get all kinds of different items. Such as a New Xbox Video Game or an Actual Xbox depending on the amount of credits you have. The bonus is you can do this without actually spending any money whatsoever. The more items you have to list the more credits you are going to have. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? So go on give it a try you won't be sorry you did.

It is a real fun way to get stuff for FREE Just follow the link Below and Sign Up.

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