Banks in the Clarendon County Area of South Carolina

For the residents of Clarendon County in South Carolina this is a list of the banks in your area, specifically the Summerton and Manning area. Also there is a toll free number listed for the Bank of Clarendon for toll free 24-hr banking. (These are the same numbers listed in your FTC 2010-2011 telephone directory starting on page 67 of your yellow pages.)

1. Bank of Clarendon

(available at 3 locations)


(803) 433-4451

24-hr banking (803) 433-0123

Toll Free 24-hr banking (888) 854-0123


11 South Duke Street

(803) 485-2445


8850 Old Number 6 Hwy

(803) 854-3111

2. First Citizens Bank

(803) 485-5000


3. First Palmetto Savings Bank

111 North Brooks Street


(803) 435-8815


(803) 435-9122

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