Barter Bistro - Day Nine--As the Worm Turns

Vermiculture and Waiting

Day Nine and still waiting....

Not much to report today. Scoured the barter posts until I ran across my barter post from two days ago. Gee,.I thought I had crazy items to barter. Everyone seems to have really expensive stuff to trade. Good luck with THAT!

There is this one barter post that comes up every day for a Sony Sure Shot and Camcorder, and I am thinking that maybe she is writing a blogging article too. I am tempted to see if she wants any jewelry. Naaah. I need all my supplies for the worms. No nibbles on writing a flyer for someone's worm business.

Actually, there were no offers to write ANYTHING. No resumes, no flyers, no literature or tri-folds. I guess posting one's writing abilities on Craig's list under the barter section is a bust.

In searching yesterday's posts, I found a local company looking for a Feature Writer. They were looking for folks with sardonic experience. (I had to look "sardonic" up....and for those of us who are NON-English majors, it means "skewed humor".) I figure the Barter Bistro Project 30 Day Challenge would qualify for the "skewed" anyway, so I sent in an application. The humor will come from actually getting worms in my compost bin, and I am already praying that the two I dig up from under the white oak tree won't find themselves dried up on my carpet.

I don't know why, but worms don't seem to have a good sense of direction. Do you ever see any inside your home? Yuck ee.

The position sounded like something I would enjoy very much, and I hope they give me a call.

Looking forward to Day 10.

Barter Success Factor: Ahem. Zero to Yuck
Ancitipation Factor: 8
Anxiety Factor of Finding Worm Photos that are Copyrighted: 10

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hillrider 6 years ago from Mid-west United States

May have to check for copyright but thought this may help...

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