Becoming an Avon Representative: A simple guide on how to become an Avon representative in the UK

This is an outline on how to become an Avon representative in the UK.  Being an Avon representative is increasingly becoming a popular way of earning and this page should give an outline on how to set about becoming an Avon representative in the UK.  If you are based in the US, see the US page on how to become an Avon representative in the United States and if based in Canada see this page.  

If you become an Avon representative you may be able to earn money.
If you become an Avon representative you may be able to earn money.

What does the job involve?

Avon is the world's largest direct selling company, operating extensively throughout the English speaking world including the United States, Canada, Australia and of course the UK.  Across the planet over 5 million work as Avon representatives, with new people becoming Avon representatives all the time.

Avon representatives in the UK most famously depend on the Avon catalogue, which is also known as the Avon brochure.  This is handed out by the Avon representative to friends and family members.  In addition, it is delivered direct to people's houses and left in popular areas with waiting rooms, such as take-away restaurants, hairdressers and doctors surgeries.  Whilst there is a website, it appears to be more of a traditional online retailing model, with little input from the Avon representatives.  Once the catalogue has been delivered, the Avon representative has to collect it and any orders.  They will then pass on the orders to the company, who will deliver the goods back to the representative for delivery to the individual customers.

Advantages of the role

Before deciding to become an Avon representative it is important that one knows just what exactly the job which they may be starting will involve.  What follows on are some of the advantages associated with becoming an Avon representative:

  • Earn money.  Possibly the biggest reason why anyone becomes an Avon representative is so they can earn money.  The exact amount depends on the amount of work put in, but it can range from being a supplement to a primary income up to a full time wage.  There is a tiered system with sales over £128 earning a commission of 25% and those over £68 earns the Avon representative a rate of 20%.
  • Choose amount of work done.  After becoming an Avon representative an individual is able to choose how many hours they are willing to commit to being an Avon representative.
  • Decide your own hours.  Many people who have become an Avon representative say a major reason for doing so is because the role can generally be made to fit around other commitments, whatever they may be.
  • Discounted products.  Once becoming an Avon representative in the UK an additional perk of the job is the discounts available on many Avon products which can be 50% or more.  Linked to this is the fact that Avon often allow their representatives to purchase the latest products before the general public get the chance to.
  • Potential for career progression.  Above the role of Avon representative there is the role of sales leader.  If an individual chooses to become an Avon representative sales leader there is additional work, and responsibility, but there is compensation in the form of earning commission based on the sales of those who are managed.  Thus it is in the interests of a sales leader to recruit a large, motivated team and show them exactly how to be a successful Avon representative.  

Disadvantages of the role

However, in the balance of fairness it is also only correct that I also explain some of the disadvantages which you will encounter if you become an Avon representative.

  • There is some cost to start.  Upon becoming an Avon representative in the UK there is a charge of £15.  This is taken out of the earnings from the first two orders.
  • There is a small ongoing cost.  Items such as brochures, catalogues, samples etc need to be purchased.  However, hopefully by then you will have become a very accomplished Avon representative and so this charge will just be deducted from the earnings.
  • There is not complete flexibility since the delivery needs to be made at a pre-determined time.
  • Extra costs for becoming a sales leader.  If you decide that the position of sales leader is for you there will be an additional charge of approximately £25.
  • Earnings could be limited if there is already someone in the friendship group, family or area who is an Avon representative before you become an Avon representative.  
  • If a minimum target, of about £68 isn't reached, no commission is paid.  However, this should not prevent potential applicants from becoming an Avon representative as it is a very small amount.  

How to become an Avon representative within the UK

It is a relatively simple process to become an Avon representative in the UK.  One of three options could be taken:

  • The first is to either be directly taken on by a current sales leader.  This could either be someone who is known to the person previously.
  • The person who wishes to become an Avon representative can look for advertising, often in the local press.  This will generally have a phone number and email address to apply to.  
  • Alternatively the person who wishes to become an Avon representative can apply online here.  

The second and third options involve applying to Avon directly and they will associate the applicant with a sales leader.


I hope you found this page useful.  If you have any questions or other information which you would like to add please do so in the comments section below and good if you choose to pursue becoming an Avon representative.

Photo credit: Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivitive Works Generic and taken by a.drian.

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Comments 23 comments

BrianS profile image

BrianS 7 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

Avon calling, that was what the old advert used to say about 25 years ago, didn't realise it was still going, but that has to prove it is a sound business in my mind.

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 7 years ago from Bristol Author

Thanks for commenting Brian S. I went out to get a takeaway recently and I overheard a young lady commenting about how amazing the products were and how they should get a job working for Avon, so I thought I would investigate and I was shocked how proftiable it was!

viryabo profile image

viryabo 7 years ago

Avon products was my favourite years ago. Didn't know it was still around. Would love to take it up, but im not a good seller. Sounds like a great way to make some good bucks though.

Nice hub (as usual) BristolBoy.

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 7 years ago from Bristol Author

Thanks for the comment viryabo. I agree that it is sometimes perceived to be a rather old business but when researching it seems to in fact be very modern. It also does seem to be an extremely good way of making lots of money and relatively strees free. Really it will be an ideal job for many!

N8 7 years ago


Great page, although i do have a question if you dont mind. Q. Do you have designated work areas or can you expand yourself anywhere and everywhere so to speak

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 7 years ago from Bristol Author

Hi N8. You can spread as far and as wide as you like although there is obviously a limit to how much you can personally do. Many people when they decide they want to expand their income decide to mentor/supervise other people and get a payment for doing so. By doing this the potential rewards are much higher.

lovelypaper profile image

lovelypaper 7 years ago from Virginia

I sold Avon for about two years. Never made a lot of money. It was fun for awhile.

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 7 years ago from Bristol Author

thanks for taking the time to comment lovelypaper. It is unfortunate that you were unable to make much money from selling Avon. I guess what is important though is whether you would recommend another to become an Avon representative?

Aine 6 years ago

I want to work from home( online work)What I have to do actually?If I become a representative of avon?

Do I need to sell any products?

ChloeP profile image

ChloeP 6 years ago

Hi BristolBoy. Good hub.I'm an Avon Sales Leader and I've written a similar one myself you might like to take a look at! I just wanted to comment on N8's question about designated work areas. When you sign up for Avon you are given the choice of selling to a 'territory' or to friends and family. If you choose territory you are allocated certain streets which are yours to sell in. If you want to increase your territory you tell your sales leader or area manager and they will try and give you more streets. If you just choose your own areas randomly you will probably end up on another reps area and they wouldn't be happy about that!! Going to have a look at your other hubs now.


( Also I am liking your squirrel picture :) )

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

Aine Avon isn't working online - you will need to get out and sell products.

ChloeP thanks for commenting and answering N8's question on becoming an avon representative - I am sure it will be useful for many people!

beccy 6 years ago

can you have as many allocated areas as you want/

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

Hi beccy, as ChloeP said above it depends on how the sales leader/manager decides to alocate the areas. I suppose if you become good as an Avon representative and sale lots of the Avon products and there is little in the way of other Avon representatives in the area you should have a good chance, but in theory there is no limit.

karen 6 years ago

im an avon rep and sales leader i love my job ive got 2 children so fit it around them and incresing my earnings every campain so wouldn't do anything else now

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

It is good for you, karen, that being an Avon representative allows you to earn a growing income whilst still being able to care for your children. Well done!

How To Sell Avon 6 years ago

You can make money with any home based business, you just have to know what you're doing. When I started 4 years ago I lost a lot of money, but I was able to pick my self up and start over. Most of all don't give up on your dream of working for yourself.

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

How To Sell Avon I agree that it can take a lot of work to sell Avon and there is the need to know what you are doing. However, I believe that if you get a good supervisor/manager then there is no need to have experience as they will be able to be a good mentor!

Laura 5 years ago

Can you do this arrount a full time job or is there a lot of time to be consumed?

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 5 years ago from Bristol Author

Hi Laura. One of the advantages of becoming an Avon representative is the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want (although obviously the more you work the more you will earn!).

Gemzyj 5 years ago


Hoping you can answer my question I've applied online and got an email to say I would be contacted. Do you know how long this usually takes.


BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 5 years ago from Bristol Author

Hi Gemzyj. I am not sure exactly how long it takes for Avon to get back to you after you have applied to become a representative - I believe it depends on area and time of year.

Memory 5 years ago

I think avon products are the best.l just heard it from a friend and got me intrested to become an avon prestetive.

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 3 years ago from Bristol Author

Memory, that is great news. Let us know if you become an Avon representative and if so how much money you make!

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