Benefits of Being a Member to Triple A

While many people will join clubs, associations, or even leagues for sports one of the best associations that I have found is AAA. I know that AAA has been around for years and many people have probably heard of them if they are not members know someone that is a member, but I know I have found many benefits of being a member of AAA. I thought I would share some of the benefits that I have found of being a member of AAA.

The first benefit that I have found by being a member of AAA is that it provides me with some great travel information. I know that with the internet in use today you can find most of this information for yourself, but if you are able to get it in one handy book or location it is much easier. Because with the time crunch that so many people have today not many of us have time to sit and look at a computer screen while trying to find information that can be found by being a AAA member.

The second benefit of being a member of AAA is the discounts on things that you might not even consider. I know that for me I didn't even think about checking at local restaurants and would only check for a discount while on vacation, but I found out that a pizza shop that I eat at quite often has a twenty percent discount. Which when you have a family of four twenty percent discount can add up to be over six dollars off the bill!

The third benefit is that they have a wonderful roadside assistance plan. I know that many of us have roadside assistance with our insurance company or by some other means. However, I know that AAA will provide me roadside assistance even if I am outside of my normal area which some of the other roadside assistance plans that I have read up on only cover you within a certain mileage of your home. So if you travel a lot of a little the roadside assistance is great protection to have even for your commute to work.

While many people are members of a club, gym, or other membership area one of the best that I have found is AAA. I know that most people have probably heard of them, but do not realize that they provide some great local benefits even when you are not traveling.

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men are dorks profile image

men are dorks 7 years ago from Namibia

Oh the AAA, at first I didn't have a glue what you were talking about. I mis-read it for the AA. Haha

Jenna Atamandas 7 years ago

That's funny, AA. AAA does give a lot of good discounts in my area.

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