Best Place To Live In Florida

Best Place to Live in Florida Sarasota Video

Beautiful white sand Sarasota Beach

Sarasota Florida, a best place to live in Florida

Looking for the best place to live your Florida dream?

Yes, the video above was done just before the the great recession, so the properties aren't selling in an hour anymore. But that is good news because the town is not only fantastic but the prices aren't ridiculous.

Sarasota is small enough to have a sense of community (a sense of community in Florida is hard to come by because it is the most transient state in the nation according to records), but large enough to offer just about anything you could ask for! Located right on the coast, Sarasota has many different Gulf of Mexico beaches, most with old Florida charm. The water is often crystal clear or translucent blue and warmer than the Atlantic on the east coast of Florida.

There are many beautiful keys or islands that you can access by car to explore. This is where the beaches are located. You'll find "old Florida character and charm alive and well in the many unique shops, restaurants, and lounges directly on the beach. Siesta Key has a large wide beach of pure white sand where you can find sharks teeth as you stroll along the waters edge.

Back on the mainland you will find many interesting attractions to keep you busy all year. Sarasota is known as an "arts" town. There are many performing arts theaters, schools and festivals to enjoy. The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and the John and Mable Ringling Museum are Located in Sarasota. Sarasota has all kinds of housing for new residents including condos and homes on the keys and the mainland. There is something in just about anyone's price range.

Sarasota the Art and Culture Capital Of Florida

Annual Sarasota Arts Festival Video

Annual Sarasota Film Festival

Photo by Patrick Braga
Photo by Patrick Braga

Moving to Florida is not Without Risk

Sarasota has much to offer you no matter what your age. It a safe place to live, especially compared to the larger cities in Florida. It will be hot an humid most of the year. But the winter weather is fantastic for about three to four months, it almost never rains and the temps are warm with little humidity. Do your homework before you move anywhere in Florida many of the people who move here will end up moving back!

I know that is hard to believe, especially if you've visited Florida many times, but if you look for it you will find plenty of pros and cons of living in Florida. The "Florida Move Guide" explains why, and how to know if a move to FL will be right for you. You can read free pages of the guide at or at the publisher's website.


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