The Black VISA Card

The Ultimate VISA Card Black in Black

The Ultimate buying tool for those who demand only the best of what life has to offer at least that's what they advertise. The Black Card is not just a piece of plastic its made with carbon and brags on being the ultimate buying tool. The Black Card is not for everyone and I would say it really is not for anyone. This is a limited card and is limited to only One percent of U.S. residents that are crazy enough or have loads of money to spend. The advertise having the highest caliber of personal service to provide to every single one of their Card members. If you become a Black Card member they promise to give you 24-hour word class Concierge Service and they are ready to assist you in all your business, travel and leisure needs. I am going to review this high class VISA card and let you figure out for yourself if the is the Ultimate Credit Card you can get.

The Black Visa Card

The most Prestigious VISA Card - The Black Card
The most Prestigious VISA Card - The Black Card | Source

The Black Cards Exclusive Rewards

This is what you can enjoy with the most prestigious Card in the world if you Become an exclusive Black Card Member. The World Awaits!

* Limited Membership
* 24-Hour Concierge Service
* Exclusive Rewards Program
* Luxury Gifts
* Patent Pending Carbon Card
* $495 Annual Feel

They boast that Black Card is your ultimate buying tool and that it delivers exclusive rewards for your luxury lifestyle. They have a 24-hour Concierge Service that is always awaiting to meet your every desire, whether it is looking for your dream trip, or getting you reservations into the best restaurants in the city. Plus, if you are a Card member, you will receive Luxury Gifts from some of the world's top brands. Should you get the Visa Black Card and enjoy the benefits that only Black Card can deliver. Maybe you should if you have lots of money and what to show off.

Black Card Limited Membership

They advertise that the Black Card in not for everyone and is limited to only 1% of the population of U.S.residents. They say it ensures the highest caliber of personal service to everyone of its card members. I think it just might be because not to many people are willing to pay the high $495 dollar annual fee and also have some very high fees if you do not follow there rules. They maybe have that great service but is it really that good they you are going to be happy with that kind of fee. I think only someone with a lot of money and are not worried about the cost and want to show off.

Black Card Exclusive Rewards Program

The more you spend using your Black Card the better you will receive back. You get a whopping 1% back on all you purchases or even better you get points that can be redeemed for travel on any airline anytime and you do not have to worry about blackouts or any restrictions. I think 1% is OK but not really that great. If you spend a thousand dollars you will get back $10 whole dollars and so you might want to spend 50,000 dollars to get you annual fee back. Rewards are great but is it really worth spending that much money for 1% back.


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    Black Card Patent Pending Carbon Card

    The Black Card is made with carbon, making it a more unique card, and they guaranteed that it will get you noticed. I actually think this is one of the best part of the program myself, I like the design and I think its pretty cool to have a Carbon Card not made of plastic, I just do not want to pay a fortune for the Patent Pending Technology of the Carbon Card.

    Black Cards 24-hour Concierge Service

    One of the neat things you get for becoming a Black Card Member you get World Class Concierge Service. They will assist you in all your travel needs, your personal needs and you leisure needs. Again a great thing for the rich and likes to do the great things in life like traveling and having fun is the sun. I guess this good but is it worth the cost you can get this service a most 4 star and above hotels for free.

    Black Card Luxury Gifts

    If you are Black Card members deserve the best of the best. Black Card Members will receive Luxury Gifts from some of the world's top brands. Now I am not sure if they just give you gifts or you have to earn them by spending tons of cash using you Black Visa Card on everything to get some money. The more I write about this the more I feel like this is a Discover Card.

    Black Card Travel Lounge Priority Pass

    Black Card "Priority Pass is the world's largest independent airport VIP lounge program, allowing you access to more than 600 airport lounges in over 100 countries worldwide." This would actually be a pretty neat thing and If you travel a lot this might be the one thing that could make this card great for me, I would love to have access to all the airports VIP lounge. Wow this card is too high for me but you know it just might be a ticket for a World traveler.

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