Bulk Email Campaign

Bulk Email Campaign

The money is in the list, and for you to make money from the list you need to promote some marketing campaigns, if you don't have your own products and services to promote you need to find some good marketing campaigns to promote from other people or organizations, Affiliate Programs are the key for you to monetize your list.

You should promote products or services in accordance with the niche of your website, if you have a site or blog about flowers and promote a campaign of an insurance company probably you will not make much money, for you to make the best from your list you need to find campaigns that will go with the needs of your audience.

Lets analyse a practical example, your blog is about making money online, so your readers are willing to try different ways to make money online, you can promote a campaign were you talk about Hubpages and promote your affiliate link, your audience probably will find this is a good way to make money online and will give it a try, in this way you will make a good passive income from your list.

How many campaigns should i promote?

Well there isn't a right number for this question, but you shouldn't send much promotional emails in short period of time, people will find this annoying and might unsubscribe your list or worst mark you as a spammer.

So where can you find some good campaigns to promote?

Try this short list of companies that have a lot of affiliate programs for you to promote:

  • Zanox
  • Tradedoubler
  • Aedgency

Remember, the power of the list is great and you can make a lot of money from it, so don't just become a spammer use your list wisely.

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