Bulk Mailing List

Bulk Mailing List

If you are starting in the Email Marketing business you need to create a list of emails to start promoting your products or services, you know what they say "The money is in the list", this means the more people you have in your list the more money you will make.

Don't buy a list from a someone you don't know and just start sending emails for that list, that is the first step to become a spammer, and your emails just end up in the spam box, so you make no money, build your own list and make sure people want to receive emails from you, this is the way to make serious money with bulk Email Marketing.

The money is in the list, this is right, but if you think that the money is in the relation you have with the list, it becomes more important to build a list that trusts you and take your word for a good word.

Making the List

From Niche Sites: For creating your own bulk mailing list you need a website, you can ad software to collected emails from your visitors, the more specific your website is the more valuable your list will be, lets say you have a blog about "dating" and you collect emails from your visitors, you can promote a campaign from a dating site like Easy Flirt, probably a great deal of your readers will find that a good site to be in and register for an account and you make a good service to your readers and make good money with it too.

Creating Communities: If your ambitions are higher, you can create a community, create a forum or a social network, when people register at this kind of sites they always give their email address and accept the terms (they agree to receive emails from you) with this kind of list your range to promote email marketing campaigns is greater, your list is much more diversified then with niche sites.

How to collect email addresses and send the messages.

One word: AWeber. AWeber is the simplest solution for you, and it costs only one dollar the first month, check out my AWeber How To for more information.Check out my Email Marketing Series to learn more:

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