What is the best Business Earn Money Online Opportunity for Newbies?

 Starting an online business is in my opinion one of the best ways to earn money online.  After all you can set your own hours, do your own thing and (hopefully) earn a nice income as well.  But search for which opportunity is right for you and you are bound to be confused.

It seems that every man and his website all claim that they have the best deal, easiest plan, no fail steps to help you reach your goals.  But of course often they are all too good to be true.

Now that's not to say that I think any of these schemes are no good (although most of them suck big time), it's just that when you are starting out it can be very overwhelming about knowing where to start and what to do.

That's why no matter what business or earn money online opportunity that you choose you need to follow a very distinct set of steps to make sure you succeed.

Step One - Getting Your MindSet Right

 The first major hurdle you'll have to overcome is to believe in yourself that you can do it.  Most newbies when they are starting out online give up after a week or two when they haven't made anything yet, but this is a big mistake.

You need to give yourself time to learn about how to build a website or blog, what to write about, how to get traffic and how you are going to make money from it.

I've been making money online for around three years.  And it's only been the last twelve months where things have fallen into place and I now find it quite easy to earn an income online. 

That's not to say it will take you that long, and I was making small amounts back then (a few hundred per month) but know I earn a few thousand per month and I can only see that growing over time.

If I had have given up on myself I never would have got here.

Step Two - Deciding What to Sell/Promote

 Internet Marketing is primarily about selling.  You'll either be selling something you have created.  Selling (promoting) something that someone else has created.  Or you will be 'selling' advertising on your site.

Each process takes a different set of steps to accomplish.

This is where most newbies fall done (and yes I used to be guilty of this too).  They will just sell whatever the biggest guru online is selling.  A process called fake it until you make it.

What they fail to realise though is that 'guru' might have tens of thousands on their mailing lists and just one email could net them tens of thousands of dollars.  Someone with a small list of 500 is not going to get the same results.

Another mistake newbies make is that they promote the ClickBank product with the highest gravity.  The one that every single other affiliate marketer is also promoting.  Occasionally you might get lucky and make a sale or two but realistically you won't be able a living if you just follow what other's are doing.

You need to find your own markets and niches.

I always want to know what's selling well at the moment,  not what is being promoted the most.

Step Three - Building Your Website

 You will need a page or website if you are going to be able to make money online.  That's not to say you need a degree in HTML - oh no, but you will need to know how to create a webpage and perhaps some graphics and then add a link or even a payment button to your website.

Of course if you are very new online perhaps you would feel more comfortable using a free blog or web 2.0 site like squidoo or hubpages (this is a hubpage that you are reading now). 

Just because it's free and very easy to use, doesn't mean you can't make money from it. 

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