Buyer Beware! Is it Accidental, or is it Really on Purpose?

Mr. Chicken lies about his weight.

It says 9.54 lbs. but he weighed in at 6.37. I thought only women did this!
It says 9.54 lbs. but he weighed in at 6.37. I thought only women did this! | Source

I don’t know about you, but life is so busy anymore that most of the time I seldom get a chance to sit down let alone double check prices on the items I’m buying in the grocery store. Like most people on a tight budget, I do most of my shopping at Wal-mart. What I’ve noticed lately is every time I get home there is inevitably something that rang up differently or at a much higher price than what it was advertised for, and quite frankly, I’m getting tired of it.

I came home and discovered this lovely chicken tagged at .99 cents a pound, but at an enormous 9.54 pounds overall. I paid $9.44 for this miserable chicken. So I decided to weigh it myself, which amounted to a grand total of 6.37 pounds. I was clearly overcharged $3.13. Really?

Here’s the thing, I live in the boonies. By the time I take Mr. Chicken back for a refund or exchange I will have burned an additional four gallons of gas. I buy in bulk so I won’t have to shop but once every two weeks. In the meantime I reflected on the latest item we purchased from Wal-mart, a Great Outdoors Gas Smoker. Of course, it was made in China. What isn’t when it comes from Wal-mart? I did a ton of research on this item online to be certain it was a quality smoker. Ironically, it came out of the box dented and none of the legs were the same length so it teeters to one side. Really?

Just how much of this is ‘accidental’ and how much is deliberate? Every single trip I make to Wal-mart there’s an overcharge. It’d be wonderful if I could simply focus on the items as they were being rung up then squawk when I noticed a difference. At that point I could hold up the line that meanders clear to the back of the store to have the price tracked down—like everybody else does. But why is that necessary? And why does it happen so often?

Life doesn’t afford us the extra time now to stop and double check our charges. Wal-mart is supposed to be the consumer's mainline for the middle class American, but I’m betting if everyone were to start checking their receipts they, too, would find items contrary in price compared to what is shown on the store shelves. Personally, I feel these consistent errors are more likely deliberate.

Fry’s is looking better to me every day. Sure, they make mistakes, too, but they are closer to my home and always give me a nice $5.00 credit whenever I have to drive back due to an error. I like that! And not once have I gotten anything ‘dented’ in their home furnishings. Best of all, I find things ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ there, too. Oh, and for Celiac’s, Fry’s has a phenomenal selection of gluten and wheat free items that makes Wal-mart pale in comparison.

So Wal-mart, if you or any of your employees happen to read this article, I hope you take notes because we the people are taking control of our American dollars and are going to spend them elsewhere. Though I will miss our bi-weekly ‘Wal-martians’ fix.

Boy, that chicken better taste darn good!

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