Can I borrow twenty dollars

The facts

I'm going to start this hub with an apology to you if you asked to borrow money from me in the past week and think this is about you it's not. I write when things come to mind and this is just one of those nights. We all have wonderful family members who pick up the phone in time of need and ask to borrow money. The issue I have is before you ask to borrow money be realistic with the person and your current situation. Can you really pay the money back? This is bad to admit but we gave so much last year to others we found ourselves in a situations and we didn't have anyone to turn to. The goal for this year was to really rethink how we help others. Also saying no as hard as it is, is half the battle.

Things are tough for everyone right now, even the people who appear to be well off. They may choose not to complain about their situations because that gets you no where. Life financially is a lot different than it was five years ago. It's time to stop spending and get tired of living pay check to pay check.

Cut cost, budget, don't buy anything !!

About every six months I look at the budget. You write out everything your paying for and then you figure out is it any way to get that service cheaper. It's hard work but it pays off. Put your credit cards away, it's a trap you have to keep using them. I get calls every month reminding me that I have credit that I'm not using, and it will probably hurt my credit score.You know what someone I miss dearly told me if you have cash in the bank you don't have anything to worry about. So using my credit cards to keep them, they can close them all for low activity.

Don't buy anything, unless you need it to live. It's a hard way to live but have you ever looked at your bank statement after a weekend of not caring and try to figure out where two hundred dollars went. I think everyone has a breakdown here and there for yummy coffee, shopping super centers, whatever it is control is key. You don't have to live this way forever but try it for six months and test the results.

What are you good at? Try to build a second income, being determine to get out of debt and bring in more cash is a great goal to set. Helping your family in times of need is wonderful when you have it to give. But give only when you have a surplus, and give with the hope of the loan being repaid but understanding there is a chance it will not. Never stop giving, but help others wisely.

© Alice F Spencer

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amurbach profile image

amurbach 5 years ago from Arizona

It's unbelievable what you can do financially if you take a look at what you are spending and actually plan for something that you want (vacation, new appliance or furniture). You see that advice everywhere and I too ignored it thinking I had no choice but to live paycheck to paycheck. Not true. I created a spreadsheet and listed all of my bills including fuel and food. Then, I did what you said as far and finding areas to cut costs. In my case, I consolidated auto insurance with home insurance and I started carpooling. This alone has saved me about $130 per month. Most of it is on gas because of my 1 hr commute. You can do it too!

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

amurbach I was reading over this hub I cant belive I missed your great comment, thank you for the great advice and you are so correct living pay check to pay check a lot of times is based on the choices we make, and not looking into the best ways to save :)

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