Can I make money on HubPages

Curious Case of ME!!

This is my very first HUB on hubpages. Frankly I joined hubpages to actually check out if one can make money out of it. I am not very sure how to go about all this but... "Hey I am Here"..

I have been going through lots of stuff (infact way too much!!) through Free videos on youtube, loads of Hubs, casual searching thru Google etc. But the more I go through this the more confusing it is to make a decision. You see we have a big problem at hand : OVERSUPPLY of knowledge. So I was wondering where to start and what to start with infact.

To begin with I would like to introduce myself as a Business man, married and have 2 kids - Himani & Yashvi. I want a source of passive income to fuel my long time dreams and so I am here to see if I can do it. I was inspired by Maneesh Sethi - Digital Nomad and wanted to sign up for his course. I could not do that because I dont have access to Credit/Debit cards or Paypal.

So now I am looking at different options to make money online. One of these is creating Hubs and generate advertisement revenue, second being Affiliate Marketing which is a fiercely competitive field and a better paying one too (i think!!) I am not yet very serious about any of these as I have to dedicate enough time for it just like my current full time business.

Affiliate Marketing is dominated by ClickBank and its products where in you are paid commission on the sale of a software or e book. This seems a fairly good deal because you have to sell something that is very easy to access.. I mean no shipping, no storing, shelf life etc problems.

I have downloaded several Videos and stuff like that which train in Affiliate Marketing but have not gone through any of these. Will do so soon and let others know which they should buy and which not to. So just wish me luck in this process and let me know the best (and easy :D) ways to build income here or anywhere...

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trafford profile image

trafford 6 years ago from San Diego

Really interesting topic, Well yes there are several options and methods giving by hubages to avail the opportunity to make online money with your written hubs, you just need to make interesting unique hubs on different topics, give your Google adsense code, show your eBay and amazon products to increase sales, and other advertising options for make huge money.

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