Capital One Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard

Capital One MasterCard Prepaid Card

Capital One is well know for its credit cards but did you know that they also have a prepaid debit MasterCard. The Capital One Prepaid MasterCard is versatile, convenient and its a safe alternative to carrying any cash. It is not a credit card and it also is not a check credit card. You have to load it with money and use it to pay bills, make purchases and even make purchases on line. When the money gets low you just have to ad some more or reload it and you just keep on going. Its very easy to get a prepaid debit card you just have to complete a application and once Capital One verifies your information the card will be mailed to you. Since its not a credit card not credit check will be made and it will not harm your credit score by getting it.

***** Before you get a prepaid Debit card  I recommend to you,  to compare before getting to the BuyRight Prepaid Master Card with a lot more benefits are the AccountNow Prepaid Debit card (With a $25 free with direct deposit, Bill pay, build credit +) and also the RushCard. Prepaid Debit Card (Build Credit History, Bill pay and Prescription Discount Card). *****

Capital One Prepaid MasterCard

Gold Prepaid Master Card from Capital One
Gold Prepaid Master Card from Capital One | Source

Capital One MasterCard Prepaid Card Fees

Type of Fee 
Fee Cost  
Activation Cost 
Monthly Maintenance  
Free if you load $500 
Direct Deposit 
ATM Withdrawl
Fist one is Free
Unlimite Signature and Pin
Bill Pay
Paper Bill Pay $0.95 per transaction
Customer Service
Transaction History
Free Online
$1.95 by mail per month when requested
Cash Loads at Retailer
Not a Capital One Fee by third party
Foreign Transactions
1% of total
Enjoy Low fees with your Capital One Prepaid Card.

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Money Management : Getting a Prepaid MasterCard With No Credit Check

Capital One Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard Comments 3 comments

Reloadable Master Card 5 years ago

Thanks for the post, If you want to make your life easier and have the convenience of plastic and avoid the safety issue inherent with cash then you owe it to yourself to check out the prepaid Reloadable Master Card.

Brandi Daniels 4 years ago

I own a capital one prepaid mastercard. I received my income tax from the federal government at 2 pm on february 1st. By 3 pm my account had been placed on hold. I called to see what the problem was and I was told I needed to send in verification of id. They went on to further state I should have received a letter or email about this matter.WRONG. At 8pm I faxed the required documents. On feb 2nd, at 330pm, I received the email stating my acct had been placed on hold. On february 3rd after numerous phone calls to find someone who would help me, they told me the address the irs had on file did not match theirs. WRONG AGAIN. They r both the same. No one will help me or would even tell me if the faxes have even been received. Not only are they holding my money, but my social security number, license information, etc is floating around in this company who may not be reputable.

Khalilah 4 years ago

Can I load it with a cashi ers check and if so where

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