How To Make Sure Your Car Accident Compensation Is Fair

After a crash there are many pieces of your life to put back together. Car accident compensation certainly helps. You are probably injured, missed work, don't have a car, and all around miserable and frustrated. This is very understandable, especially when the accident was not your fault. Learning what you can be paid for and how to make sure that you are getting the most you can for each is very important.

There are some non-tangible things that can be paid for with car accident compensation. These are things like suffering that can be very hard to put a dollar amount on. The purpose of car accident compensation is to get your life back to the same status it was at before your crash (or as close a possible). Work with your own insurance company or legal representative to put a dollar amount on these things. They have experience dealing with cases like yours, and factors like severity of the accident and the circumstances that led to it can greatly increase or decrease your settlement amount for non-tangible compensation.

Car accident compensation claims can vary in price from zero dollars to millions.  Having a good plan and good help will help you get the highest car accident compensation amounts.

Let's take a look at some of the common things that are covered with car accident compensation and how you can get the most from them.

Image courtesy of Matti Mattila via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Matti Mattila via Flickr.

Vehicle Damage

The most obvious payment from car accident compensation is the damage to your automobile.  Whether you are injured or not, there will be payment to fix your ride.  The damage to your car will be assessed by the other insurance company, and if you go with their estimates you will receive the lowest amount possible.  In order to get a fair amount for your wheels get your own estimates for the damage.  Don't only get one, get three.  This will allow you to choose the highest dollar amount for a totaled vehicle or the best quality repair shop to get it fixed.  If your estimates are much higher than the other insurance company's you'll be able to negotiate to get you more money.

Image courtesy of Scragz via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Scragz via Flickr.

Medical Bills

If you are injured after your accident (I'm very sorry) you are owed money to pay for your medical expenses.  Car accident compensation will pay for these damages.  In order to get the most money and best treatment visit your own doctor for treatment.  You'll feel much more comfortable with your own doctor and he or she will be much more likely to spot injury that was caused by your accident because they are familiar with you.  These injuries are likely to be missed in a normal emergency room.

Image courtesy of Didbygraham via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Didbygraham via Flickr.

Auto Expenses

If you are without a car, the expenses from towing, rental car, and auto storage will be covered in your car accident compensation.  There really isn't a way to maximize this expense, but you have to be sure to keep any and all receipts from these things.  If you pay out of pocket for anything you'll be reimbursed as long as you have proof that you paid for it.

Video on Lost Wages

Lost Wages

In order to collect lost wages from your car accident compensation you need a note from your doctor stating that you can't work.  Your employer will write a letter to the insurance company stating what your wages are, how much you work, any overtime you would have received, as well as a promotion or raise that you would have received during your time off of work.  In order to maximize this, be sure that your employer states your gross wages (before taxes).  This won't always be granted, but it usually is.  You might think it's only fair to receive your gross wages, but the other insurance company is working to minimize the amount that you get paid.  If you are injured at the end of the year and will lose vacation time if you do not take it, that is reimbursable as well.  Remember to have clearance from your doctor before you return to the job.

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Accident Compensation Claim 6 years ago

Keeping your documents together and properly organized is the key to getting the most from your claim. Also, working with a knowledgeable lawyer is essential.

Car Accident Compensation 6 years ago

The amount of car accident compensation you receive can depend on these factors like:

How long you experience your pain for.

What are the extend or your other losses and expenses, including vehicle damage.

What your injuries prevent you from doing, and for how long.

And you should immediately seek an experienced personal injury solicitors who specialise in car accident compensation.

Car Accident Claim 6 years ago

Very nicely explained. It is also correct to hire the services of an Injury Solicitor. because an experienced Injury Solicitor can give you immediate advice and guidance on your potential claim.

car claims uk 6 years ago

nice short explanation

AllSuretyBonds profile image

AllSuretyBonds 5 years ago

Great Hub. I think it is very important to hire an experienced accident lawyer to help you with your car accident settlement.

Truthfaith 22 months ago

I was stopped for at least 5 minutes when I was hit from the rear by a large Bernie & Phylls moving truck. We were coming off an exit ramp and the traffic was very heavy. There were two lanes where the accident occurred. The road opens up to 3 lanes about 40-50 yards up, but when the truck hit me there were only 2 lanes. I had a line of cars in front me stopped because if a red light and heavy traffic. There was a car to my right and a line if traffic in front if it which was also stopped for the same reasons. This truck tried to go around me to my left when it smashed into my rear and crushed the back rear bumper and back side label of my drivers side minivan. Called the police who never showed up. The person admitted fault and apologized and begged to not go through our insurance but to pay for repairs so he would to get fired. I did not do that I did file with my insurance co. I did not have rental on my policy and the car was not safe to drive. I have 4 kids 2 who have severe autoimmune disorders who require around the clock medical attention, I could not be with it a vehicle. I knew I was 100% not at fault because I wasn't even moving when he hit me from the rear. So I was advised by a good friend of mine who is an insurance adjuster to file a claim with the other drivers insurance and they would be responsible for paying my rental. Which I did, but I also out a claim in with my insurance company. So after 2 months of problem after problem, the other drivers insurance company decided that there driver was not at fault and wouldn't pay for anything??? I couldn't see how they came to this decision. They said I failed to meet the burden of proof??? No police report or witnesses ??? (I called the police and they said they were on there way, but after waiting 20 mins the other driver had 2 passengers who were being very sketchy and scared both my son and I. They were trying wash off the scratches and dents that the truck caused to my minivan. They were insisting that we did not to through our insurance. My son was just diagnosed with autoimmune type 1 diabetes and he was starting to shake and was very pale. His blood sugar leveled spiked dangerously high due to fear and stress. So after 20 minutes I made the decision to leave. The police have my call on record. I didn't ask any other people around because the cops were suppose to be on their way and we were at a major off ramp in tons of traffic. The auto shop who assessed my car said the damage alone was proof that he was 100% at fault because he hit me in the rear. Long story short I am out over $2000 in rental costs. My insurance company covered all damages to my car waived the deductible and found me NOT at fault but are unable to help me recover the rental costs. What do I do?? I borrowed this money my family is finally strained due to medical needs of my children and mold infestation at our house we are currently homeless. What can I do? I did absolutely nothing wrong yet the other driver left me car mess because of his negligent driving how can this happen? There had to be something i can do. Pls pls help me. I live in Massachusetts

Johnk358 20 months ago

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