Cash On Delivery Online Shopping Sites in India

More and more people in India are looking to shop online. But not everybody has their own credit card to shop online. Nearly all shopping sites in India have credit card, debit card, bank transfers and some other methods that a shopper can use to shop online. This is where an easy, convenient and possibly the safest way to shop online comes in to play and that is to avail Cash on Delivery as a payment method.

Cash on Delivery method is not a new concept that shopping websites are using; it was and is being used for many years by hotels, fast food chains or even by the nearest small-time eatery in your area. Like you may have also ordered items many times by using this method. Hotels and other establishments use the other term known as "Free Home Delivery" for this method.

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Sites to Shop Online Using Cash On Delivery

  • (Only Many Items)
  • (Get cashback on every purchase)
  • (Nice collection on cheaper price)
  • (For flowers, gifts and cakes)
  • (For gold jewellery)
  • (For Clothes and Other Accessories)
  • (For Tshirts and Accessories)
  • (Only on Select Items)
  • (For health related items)
  • (For Books)
  • (For Shoes - Additional Rs. 100 for COD)
  • (For Sarees and other Women Clothing and Accessories)
  • (For most itesm in over 1500 delivery locations)
  • (Much like
  • (For lifestyle products)
  • (On minimum order value of Rs. 500)
  • (For Watches, Only on Some Pin Codes)
  • (For Perfumes, but long verification process and on select pin codes).
  • (For baby, kids, and mother care products)
  • (Just like Firscry)
  • (For furniture and home d├ęcor items)
  • (For fashion related merchandise)
  • (Your Lingerie destination)
  • (Same as Zivame)

There are many more sites that now offer COD. I have tried to provide as much variety that I can provide in the above list so that the product you're looking can be found.

Cash on Delivery (COD) or Collect on Delivery is a method wherein people can initiate a transaction and buy products without using any credit or debit card. In this method you make the payment when you get the delivery of the item. Almost all shopping sites that offer COD will in beforehand verify your credentials before actually starting the process to ship the product.

The process of verification is very simple. What most shopping sites do is that they will send a verification pin to your mobile phone which you'll have to enter on the website. After you successfully enter the pin, your product will be processed for shipping. And when the product reaches your doorstep you'll directly pay to the delivery personnel. The verification method can vary, some require you to attend a call from them and then they verify you by asking simple questions as your name, address, and the product you bought; and then they will start processing your order. At the time of delivery you or your family can take the delivery and pay cash to the courier personnel.

As people get more comfortable with online shopping, and internet penetration widening even in villages there would be a need for people of all pockets to buy products online. Companies operating online shopping sites also know this and majorly all big players offer COD service for customers.

Sites such as,, and are some of the bigger names in this domain which offer cash on delivery option. If offers COD on all products they feature then has COD service for some items such as books, mobile (on low-priced mobiles), gift items and Ipods. The degree in which sites offer this service varies but some day or the other all the sites will have to offer Cash on Delivery option.

COD is an option wherein every shopper can shop online and get their products from the comfort of their home. Also sites offering COD do not charge you more to use this option. There are no hidden cost when you avail this. But some sites may have conditional shipping charges. Like adds Rs.30 as shipping charges if you order any thing that cost less than Rs. 200 and none for products that cost more than Rs. 200. Different sites have different policy regarding shipping charges. So, if you ever want to buy an item that is less than Rs. 200 on Flipkart then you can go ahead and add any product such as a VCD, DVD of a movie which cost say for example 50 then in that way you will be able to save the shipping charges and get the DVD movie also.

The best shopping and the fastest growing shopping site in India is So, let's have a look at how we can shop using the cash on delivery option on

Buying a Product on Flipkart via Cash on Delivery

As an example I'll show you a demo how a book can be bought on Flipkart using COD.

  • Point your browser to
  • As the site loads the homepage appears then you can browse through the various products and select your item that you want to buy.

  • Clicking the product takes you to the product page.
  • The product page list a small description of the product along with the price and also some user reviews.
  • It is always good reading users reviews. So if you are all set to buy then click the "Buy This Now" link.

  • Now a basic summary of the order props up where you can select to place the order or continue shopping for more items.
  • Let's place the order.

  • After placing the order you'll have to create an account for yourself before proceeding further.
  • Create your account by filling correct address, email address, and your personal mobile number.

  • After all that an order summary will appear wherein the summary will look like the image below.
  • I have removed my phone number and blacked out other details of mine but your mobile number will appear there and the order confirmation will be sent on your mobile number and on your email address.

  • Finally the last thing to do is to select the Cash on Delivery option which is by default selected. Just enter the captcha code and click on "Place Order" link and your order will reach your doorstep within the specified time.
  • You can also track your order by logging in your account and if you have changed your decision then you can also cancel the order before it gets shipped.

This way you can shop online using the COD and get your items. I hope this hub helps you in your search for Cash on Delivery shopping sites in India.

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Comments 22 comments

Neha 13 months ago

And what about I am going to purchase lingerie from this website.

Suraj 19 months ago are right, flipkart must start COD option for NAGALAND, specially in DIMAPUR

ritz 2 years ago

Flipkart seriously, you should start COD in Nagaland too. Would help a lot to expand your horizon and boost your business.

sanjoy 2 years ago

Assam ki kon kon distirc pe cas on delyvari he

pratik 3 years ago

flipkart is the only best shopping site for cash on provide cash on delivery service for every product.....

Sanjana 3 years ago

Another online shopping site is also offering Cash on delivery. They also have Same Day Delivery and 1-Day Delivery for some products :)

ramachandra 3 years ago

flipkart is the best shopping site in india . remaining sites are waste. I love this site. because this is only provide cash on delivery as proper

bulkmarketplaza profile image

bulkmarketplaza 4 years ago

yebhi.....m loving it:)

Areo 4 years ago

The only website which covers NAGALAND for COD orders is

SeeandWear.Com . I use to purchase from this site.

profile image

ravendx 4 years ago

why arent there still cash on delivery on should knw that it's a state of Fashion if you want to expand your business you should Open up a centre for cash on delivery here everyone have cash in hand

Suresh krishna 4 years ago

Very bad and cheat site flipkart , especially duplicate item ... am not recommended this site ...

Areo 4 years ago

I luv online shopping but y are no deliveries made in nagaland..? Plz make deliveries in nagaland't wait to order something..

jammi 4 years ago

..hello..y no delivery is not availiable in Nagaland state

akshat 4 years ago

what a service

ruban 4 years ago

i have shopped 5 items from flipkart all my items were delivered on the 2nd day it self. i live in vizag its a small city... but Flipkart service and pricing... ROCKssss...

Richard konyak 4 years ago

No.. I don't prefer any of this online shopping. Because they do not support to deliver the product in Nagaland.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Swarup India has a large demographic area. Yes, most remote places may not be covered. Even the Indian Post office with its large network doesn't cover every corner of the country.

swarup 4 years ago

Any of this site Doesn't have COD all over india ,they only deliver Selected City ,That is fair.

Abhijit Gupta 5 years ago


Thanks for sharing this but there is a site missing in your list: "Sites to Shop Online Using Cash On Delivery". is a good site and it also offers 'cash on delivery' system. It would be great if you can add the above said e-commerce site in your list.

Somnath 5 years ago

Its prices are comparitivly cheeper.. genuine quality.. fast and assured delivery time... at least customer care's line are not busy for as long a day to get any information or support.!! thanks to flipcart!

jay 5 years ago

flipkart rocks....i m loving it....

avengerkarthi 5 years ago

plzzzz....! deliver the materials soon in 2 or 3 days.... its taking more tha 8or 9 days to receive... otherthan its fine...

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