Change Your Oil After 7500 Miles and Save Money

Save the Environment Too

Many drivers change their oil after 3000 miles because that's what they learned from their fathers. However, many oil experts, mechanics, and automakers are saying that car owners can drive longer between oil changes and are wasting oil and money if they change the oil too soon. In addition they are hurting the environment because of so much waste-oil being dumped.

Take a look at the car manual. On average, drivers are advised to change the oil after 7800 miles. Porsches have the longest oil change interval at 20,000 miles. Late model Toyotas have a 5,000 mile oil change interval.

Improvements in Oil Chemistry and Engine Technology

Car owners are unaware of the improvements in auto technology that allow a longer oil change schedule;

  • Many oils today can protect car engines from wear and heat for a longer period because of how the synthetic and non-synthetic oils are formulated. According to Robert Sutherland, principal scientist at Pennzoil Passenger Car Engine Lubricants, "Oil has changed quite a bit and most of that isn't transparent to the average consuming public."
  • Also, modern engines have tighter tolerances so they don't need as much oil.
  • Finally, oil life monitoring systems can more accurately inform the car owner when to change the oil based on their driving habits and conditions.

By keeping to a 3000 mile oil change schedule, car owners are wasting millions of dollars annually. The only people who benefit from the frequent oil change are the quick lube industry and the auto service departments; it keeps them busy. In fact the 3000-mile oil change schedule is reserved only for cars driving under severe conditions. The more frequent oil changes mean that not only are you spending money needlessly but that you are throwing out good oil. Ford and GM and other carmakers are requesting that Edmunds change the maintenance schedule on their website from severe to the normal maintenance schedule.

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